Sprouts: New Class Layout and Ramps

Sprouts: New Class Layout and Ramps

March 15th, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

We began the week with a new classroom layout!  Seeing how our Sprouts gravitate towards and create their own enclosed spaces, we created two sections that provide that enclosure aspect that they seek.  One being a new peace/soft corner that they can go to when they are tired or missing home, and another that acts as our writing and puzzle section.  Immediately our friends were drawn to both!  We had a busy writing table as friends began to draw lines and several friends working on writing their first letter of their name.  With new members of the Sprouts families, this week we also created more name cards that are accessible for all our friends to use in looking at their own and friend’s name letters.  Our Sprouts were very excited to find their cards as some stated and helped their friends recognize their first initial.

The table was full as our Sprouts explored their new area and material.  One friend counting how many markers by placing each cap on her finger.

Rianne and Clara working on Clara’s ‘C’.  As they kept writing one friend would erase as they kept perfecting the letter.  

Madelyn and Charli working together to make their ‘M’ and “C’

Friends working on tracing letter segments.  All letters consist of four segments, big line, little line, big c, and little c. 

Here we have Hunter recognizing the shape of a lower case ‘a’ as he tries to look for the letter with the right fit, which consist of a little c and little line.  

During small group, our friends got to work on building and tracing, as they got to create and document their creations.  Building continues to be a prominent part of our Sprouts.  From tall vertical structures to long horizontal ones that we have seen for months, our friends love to build!  We wanted to take a moment with small groups to see what stories would be told along with these creations.  We encouraged our friends to create and follow the lines with pencil or marker of what they had built.  They could draw along with their tracings or continue adding blocks as they wished.  Some friends seeing the marks as they removed the blocks would say in excitement phrases like “That’s my house!” or “I made that!” as they took ownership of what they had created.  Many began to add on to their drawing as their initial idea of what they wanted to make began to develop.

“I’m making a house!”-Clara, as she begins to trace her blocks.

Her story soon began to form, as she added more pieces and created a purpose for her house. It soon became a butterfly house as she began to add blocks that acted as wings and added her own lines.  She began to imagine people as she pointed to certain locations where her people would be.  As she recognized shapes, she gave each block a purpose, “A rectangle.  This the car.”

Another friend drew inspiration from our playground, as her house became the chicken house.

As we mentioned last week, we observed a spark in interest in using ramps within our building area, which had led to an art project with Ms. Amy.  We asked ourselves, what is it about the ramps that our Sprouts are intrigued by?  Is it how an object travels from point A to point B? Is it the movement of that object traveling? Is it the change in height from high to low?

We continued to bring out the long and thin cardboard pieces in our block area observing their play.  To further explore our own curiosity of what they are most drawn to, we added pieces of carpet and leather to two cardboard pieces that would create friction and kept one untouched.  Would their play change? Friend began to notice that objects did not travel as fast, with a few stopping mid way.  These two pieces were soon put to the side as they preferred to use the untouched one.  Seeing this choice, “movement” came to mind.  We moved our attention to our sensory table where we had also placed smaller thin cardboards to act as ramps.  These pieces were used to scoop jewels, tilt, and slide unto large containers.  As we kept observing we focused our attention on our Sprouts eyes as this play occurred.  Many kept their gaze locked on the beads as they rapidly moved from one end to the other, their eyes following that movement.  Others kept their eyes on the initial batch of jewels, watching as the starting collection of beads disappeared.

Rolling cars down the carpeted piece of cardboard. They began to notice that the car would often stray off road.

Friends also began to extend the path of the car as they began to add pieces to create length.

Scooping, pouring, and intently watching as the jewels rapidly slide down.

Once they finished pouring in, another friend would transfer the jewels from one container to another and back and forth by creating a tilting motion. 

Outdoors two friends explored using a wooden plank, as one friend held the board vertically up, while another poured sand. Their attention mainly on the movement of the sand as it slid down. 

The slide creates that same angle and similar effect as the ramps. We have observed that several friends enjoys pouring and tossing sand unto the slide, watching as the the clumps of dirt and loose sand roll down.  Their attention focused on the movement of the object.

This week the Sprouts also worked with Ms. Amy on an art project that involved a full sensory experience! Similar to their ramp painting of last week, our friends got to pour paint unto a horizontal rotating ramp and watch the movement of the paint as they spun it.  As the paint splattered all on the canvas and on themselves, our Sprouts soon discovered they could move their feet, hands, and body to spread the paint.  The final product turned out amazing, take a look at it displayed on our wall!

The Sprouts took turns scooping paint and pouring. Initially they simply observed as the paint poured down the sides.  

Soon they discovered that it could fully spin, spreading the paint all over! 

Using their feet to continue painting!

A warm welcome to Heinz who transitioned from the Seedling classroom this week. Welcome to the Sprouts family!









REMINDER:  Assembly (formerly known as our Group Gathering) will be held in the morning before 9 am, we encourage all Sprouts to be present!  It is an important part of the day when we get together as a class to discuss the day’s plan, share ideas/opinions with one another, sing songs, present new additions to the classroom, and discuss any changes. It is a time when we as educators, listen to their voices, encourage dialogue between one another, and have our Sprouts share with us their thoughts.


Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia