Sprouts: Observing Their Play and Exploring Ramps

Sprouts: Observing Their Play and Exploring Ramps

March 8th, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families!

With lots of building and enclosures happening around the classroom, we wanted to focus part of our observations this week on the conversations and play that occurs in those moments.  As mentioned last week, we began to notice play surrounding monsters and boats! We wanted to see what other type of imaginative play occurred in various parts of the classroom. Through these observations we hope to discover what inspires their play, and is there a common factor between all their play.

We have been flipping the building table upside down to see how the friends utilize the space.  Seeing they can step into the table and with the cardboard ramps acting as row sticks, or friends have turned the space into a boat! Anything that surrounds the “boat” acts as an ocean in which a “monster” lives in.  When asked to describe this monster, they all agreed it was a big monster that they needed to hide from.  They use the classroom “house” as another safe space from this monster that they sail to, in which they resume family play, taking a pause from their active boat building and play.  In this space, they are now home, acting out routines from daily life such as eating, sleeping, reading, etc. Their family play involves setting up comfy spaces to rest in using fabrics and pillows. Other friends carry around or bring into their space loose material that acts as food, telephones, babies, even mini houses.  They will gather various items in containers as they travel from space to space.  Friends will sit together in their space bringing books to read individually or to one another, to sing songs, and to talk with one another with topics such as taking care of “baby” or hiding from “a big bad wolf”.

Their row sticks also act as magical wands that ward off the monster, taking aim as they carefully remain within their boat.

Back to their home!



We have noticed that several of our Sprouts collect the magnet tiles during their play, traveling with their stacks to various nooks in the classroom.  When listening to their conversation, the tiles were referred to as “our house”. As we continued to observe, we noticed that once settled into a space they began to build structures with the tiles that then acted as “baby’s house”.  Part of their play has involved, hiding from the big bad wolf, which has been a continuation from outdoor play.  These friends travel from space to space, similar to our monster and boat friends, in an attempt to hide from the wolf, and using the homes to protect their “baby”.

Using open spaces throughout the classroom to create their own homes.  After singing to one another in the corner nook, Rianne and Clara gather fabric and pillows to create beds , ready to for a nap. As some friends travel, others remain in areas,  utilizing their surrounding materials.

As mentioned before, their building also involves creating spaces.  The structures that they build are typically homes.  Tall structures become towers and castles, while smaller structures are houses.  More recently we have seen that their inspiration stems from shows or toys that they love. Their has also been a slight shift from houses to vehicles, as trucks, rocket ships, boats are built, still serving as enclosures, but now objects that transport.

Working together to build a Peppa Pig house. This home then turned into a Peppa Pig truck as triangular pieces began to be added to the side of the structure acting as the front of the truck.

” It’s a rocket ship that carries the astronaut!”

With wooden pieces added as part of our playdough tools this week, we observed building at the playdough table as well, as friends used the playdough as an adhesive to build upward.  Trees, towers, and rocket ships were some of their creations. Their attention for this activity however, was mainly focused on how tall they can stack and will they be able to stay up.

Amelia carefully placing each piece.

“Look, it’s not falling!”- Amelia, as she holds her hands back.






This week we also began to notice a different use for our long thin pieces of cardboard. Our friends began to use them as ramps, rolling down various items from one end to another. We first observed this as a ramp was laid across from the building shelf unto the table. Mini blocks, pegs, and wooden cars began to be pushed through, as the friends observed how these items moved from a high point down to the table. We helped our friends set up multiple ramps from the table top to the floor as they brought loose material that they wanted to test down. Many noticed how some items moved quicker than others, and how others only made it half way through. They enjoyed rolling down as many things that accumulated at the end of the ramp, and bringing in a heavier object that fully pushed all things unto the floor.

Testing various material down the ramp.  

Sprouts began to bring in their own wooden car to take turns racing down the ramp.  Logan wanted to explore what would happen if we added another long board on top of the white one, maneuvering until he was able to successfully slide down his car.

With Ms. Amy seeing these observations as well, this week she took our friends to the back outdoor space to use a larger ramp, in which our Sprouts could pour paint down.  Using red, blue, and white, out friends noticed how mixed together these colors created purple and pink.  As the paint came down, many again noticed the slow and quick movement of paint, discovering that for a faster movement down the ramp, more paint was needed.  We look forward to where this new discovery takes us!

Half of the class took turns going outside with Ms. Amy. They were very excited to see the ramp set up. 

To Zion, the ramp reminded him of a bridge, seeing the bridge travel from one end to another. 

Our Sprouts began to notice the new colors that began to form.  The paint puddles reminded some of “muddy puddles”.


Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia