Sprouts: “Shake this off!”

Sprouts: “Shake this off!”

January 30, 2020

Dear Sprouts Families,

As this month comes to an end, we can reflect upon the things that have been going on in our classroom. So many of the children have been discovering new things that appeal to them. Our classroom’s Made Visible Project brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the children as we travel on our journey of exploring their interests. Each week we build upon the week before and try to give provocations that will stir the children’s curiosity, where they can discover and make connections in their own time.  Please feel free to come in and take notice of what is going on in our room. This week we will talk about:

*Our New Platfom

*Creating our own tubing

*New perspectives

New Platform

This week Ms. Amy added a new addition to our made visible project- a new platform. The platform is raised above the ground a little higher than a foot, so the fan can slide underneath, and the tunnel tube, or other tubing and materials can be on top to feel the wind. At the start of the week there was not much curiosity around the new addition, but later in the week when Araz saw the platform for the first time he remarked, “That light table be fun, the air turn on by self!” This remark has inspired the educators to morph their ideas of what could become of the platform and how we can include light and color to add to our ideas of perspective!

Making Our Own Clear Tubing

We noticed many of the children looking into the hole of the tunnel tube to see what was going on after they placed something into the hole. They were very curious to see what was happening and if the material that they placed in the tube was going up, or just staying at the bottom. We wondered what we could do to help the children have a better understanding of what was taking place. So, we thought we could recycle the small water bottles to make our own clear tube by cutting the top and bottom of the water bottles. Sophia, Adi, and Araz were eager to cut their own water bottle. Earen called out “I need scissors to cut.” Sophia said “I’ll take it off.” She was referring to the label that was still on the water bottle. Adi said “It’s so hard, then said “look I got it.” After we finished cutting the bottles the children were then asked: “How do you think we can put them together?” Araz answered “how about tape” We worked on this a few days and many of the children got involved and participated in putting together the tube. It took great eye hand coordination to put the bottles together and with assistance tape the bottles. The first day after making the tubing, Paul went up into the loft with the tube and put some Ping-Pong balls into the tube and watched them fall down from the loft into the netting and then bounce to the floor. Paul laughed after seeing this happen and wanted to do it again. Another day when Araz and Adi decided to take their tube onto the loft, they decided to put small wooden tree circles into the tubing. Adi would show Araz a piece and Araz would decide which one would get placed into the tube. Araz would shake the tube if the wooden circle got stuck. They placed the tube over the netting and watched the wooden circles travels down through the clear tube onto the net then to the floor. Valentina took the clear tube and placed a feather in the tube, but it did not move. She then tried to blow into the tube to try to see it move through the clear tube. It still did not move.

New Perspectives

Our sprouts have spent a lot of their exploration time sticking things in the wind tunnel and seeing them come up. We’ve noticed their curiosity in items getting stuck and figuring out how to get them down. With the addition of the feathers in our classroom, we have all had lots of fun seeing them fly and fall, but it is inevitable to see some of the feathers land in other places. Many of the feathers landed on the top of the net. While some friends were inserting the feathers into the wind tunnel, others were on the loft trying to get them down. What was interesting is their first instinct was not to shake the net, but to blow on the feather! The blowing of the feathers to get them down continued in the classroom throughout the week, and they explored other ways to see the feathers fall. Later, they began shaking the net to get them down, Paul said, “It’s coming down, shake this off!” and Celeste said, “The feathers keep floating away!”

We Wonder

What is going through their minds about how materials move through the tunnel tube? Do they realize what part the fan plays in the movement of the materials? How can we help explore their curiosity with items making their way back down after they go up? How does perspective play a role in this? How can we incorporate light to give our sprouts a new perspective?

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

<3 Ms. Linda and Ms. Becca