Sprouts: Soon to be Roots!

Sprouts: Soon to be Roots!

Hello Sprouts Families!

With transitions coming up next week, this week was all about introducing the Sprouts to their new Roots classroom! We wanted our Sprouts to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and get to explore what will be their new classroom.  Along with the visit, we wanted to start a dialogue about what it will mean to be a Root, and what they envision their classroom to be.  Prior to exploring we began by asking our Sprouts to take a look at their space and say what they noticed.  What was different? What was the same?  What do they see that they like most? What are they excited to use?

What does is mean to be a Root?

Some responses included: “We grow up!”- Rianne

“They pack their own lunch!”- Zion

“When you grow up, then you’re a Root”-Charli

Exploring the light table, creating stories.  “Daddy and the baby. We put him to sleep.”

Discovering new building material.

Finding interesting objects. ” I like this rock. It’s big!”

Creating with new material. “This is a construction work site. That’s a station for the workers” 

What do we like about the Roots tinker tray ? “All the little things!” (beads, metal pieces)

Once they were given the opportunity to engage in their new space, we wanted to observe what they were most drawn to and how they used the material.  During our reflection, we revisited the questions along with: what new material would you like to be added to your new classroom? We want to make this a successful transition! By getting to know their interests, how they interact in their space, and sharing these observations, it allows for their new teachers to create and welcome them into an environment that they will feel comfortable in and ready to get to know more of one another.

The Sprouts also worked very diligently on creating their Father’s Day gifts and enjoyed the visits from several of our Sprouts dads. We want to wish all our hardworking and caring dads and grandpas a very joyous Father’s Day!

Our Sprouts got to choose and color their own rock mixing and swirling colors.

Selecting their colored beads to decorate their picture holder.

Carefully threading the beads unto the wire.

Our Dots will begin in their new classroom this coming Monday! It has been a pleasure getting to be alongside our Sprouts singing, dancing, conversing, exploring, and discovering this past year.  We will truly miss them and will forever cherish the memories! Best wishes on their next chapter of life!

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Ms. Linda & Ms. Cynthia