Sprouts: “This is a rainbow!”

Sprouts: “This is a rainbow!”

February 6, 2020

Dear Sprouts Families,

As our Made Visible project continues to grow, we as educators sit back and reflect upon what is going on in our classroom. We are watching with open eyes, and collaborating with each other to talk about what we see going on and ask ourselves how can we add to the children’s experience? We have added some new additions to our room that have created a lot of interest for the children. This week we will talk about:

  • Using the Platform as a light table
  • Our New Addition of Clear Tubing
  • Continuation of Skill Sets


Araz and Vivaan are exploring with “jewels” at the large light table.

                                                            Using the Platform as a light table

We decided to add light under the platform this week to add a new dimension to our Made Visible Project. When Araz walked through the door this week and saw the light with all the loose parts and materials on top he said “Oh, it’s a light table.” So, we decided to continue on that path of exploration. We asked ourselves what materials could we put on top to spark some interest? We placed colored plastic shapes on top. The children were naturally drawn to the gentle glow of the light that came up through the platform. The illumination of the light with the reflection of the materials on top interested many of the children. Vivaan picked up a pink colored half circle shape and said “this is a rainbow.” We noticed that some of the children had placed the colored shapes into the grate of the platform, standing them up. Ms. Amy wanted to add to the children’s stacking of materials and gave us some clear tubing to place in the grate of the platform. We felt this would add to the open-ended play experience.  Sophia and Araz were drawn to this and came came over and placed both hands on the clear tubing trying to move the tubing. They pushed and pulled the tubing. Sophia said “I’m making a smoothie” Araz then looked up and said “I’m making a smoothie for Ms. Linda.” They both continued to move the tubing around using both their hands. Araz then said I’ll make a straw for the smoothie.” “How about if we put something inside?” Someone answered “Great Idea!” Talk and excitement continued until it was time to clean up. On the next day, shiny CD’s that were made into different three dimensional shapes, colored jewels, small containers and shiny cube squares were placed on the platform light table. Interest continued to grow as the children came to the light table mesmerized by the soft glow of the light reflecting the colors of the materials.We 


Our New Addition of Clear Tubing

We have noticed the children’s interest in things flying up with the tunnel tube, and trying to catch the items when they come back down. So at the start of the week we added a new tube. The new tube is thick and heavy. It is attached at the top of the loft, goes down through the net, and reaches the bottom of our new light table platform. At the start of the week, William was the first to notice he could put ping pong balls through it at the top of the platform, but no one noticed where the balls came out. William kept saying “Come out!” Later in the week Paul began to do the same and said, “Hey guys I throw it down through this hole!” Other friends were using the tube to race their cars alongside of the tubing instead of inside. We are curious to see the other ways they use this material.

Continuation of Skill Sets

This week we continued with our painting skill sets. It’s important that our friends are able to master the steps it takes to care of their paint materials including: the correct amount of paint to use, how to clean their brush, which way the brush goes in the container, and cleaning their paint cup and palette. We noticed many children were looking forward to cleaning the water container, so we used this as an opportunity to give each of them a small glass container to clean their brush, and later rinse the container in the sink. For the moment, we are sticking with one color and the children are even more observant of what happens when the brush hits the clear water. Valentina remarked, “It’s getting to red!” and Vivaan said, “I’m making a skittle!”

Working on our painting skill sets!

We Wonder…

What other tools or materials can we find to use on top of our platform light table? We think carefully and pause for a moment, noticing how the children used the materials available this week as we think about what we will bring to the table next week for the children to engage with. How will they continue to use the new large tubing? How/when will they discover how the items come out the other end?

P.S. We are hoping to add more languages to our good morning song! Currently we use English and Spanish.  Please let us know if you can help with the words in a language you speak at home!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

<3 Ms. Linda and Ms.Becca