Sprouts: Welcome Hana!

Sprouts: Welcome Hana!


Hello Sprouts Families,

We would like to give a big warm welcome to Hana! She became our newest Sprout this week. We are overjoyed to have her join our class. She has shown kindness, curiosity, and courage. We are excited to get to know her better.

This week we will share about creating negative space and our field trip to Mission Trails.

Negative Space

The Sprouts have been exploring with adding different materials to our large plexiglass structure. Last week the structure was covered in dried black paint. We noticed some children attempting to rub off the paint with their fingers or hands. When this didn’t work they used their fingernails to scratch lines in the paint. This week we moved the plexiglass wall next to our water table and provided sponges to see if the children would use these tools to wipe away the paint. At first, they didn’t seem that interested in the plexiglass, and instead experimented with submerging the sponges, lifting them out of the water, and squeezing them, watching the water fall. Eventually, a couple children took the sponges over to the plexiglass wall and tried rubbing the paint, but something interesting happened. They approached the side of the wall without the paint. Since the wall is transparent, they could see the paint, but rubbing the wall was doing nothing. After a few attempts on the empty side, we noticed the children walking to the other side and rubbing the wall with their sponges. They discovered that the paint came off and turned their sponges black. When the children put the sponges back in the water table they discovered that the water became “black and dirty.” We discussed how the plexiglass wall changed after this experience. Nolen said, “the paint disappeared” and Ovee noted that the wall “gets all clean.” Kanav said, “It’s sparkling and dry” and Raya explained that “paint came off” when “we took water from the sensory bin.”

Mission Trails

We had tons of fun on our field trip! The Sprouts were full of excitement to go on an adventure away from our home at Dot to Dot. They really showed their grit by completing a little over a one mile hike. As we walked along the trail we came upon some interesting finds, such as a small circular hole, a lizard looking for shade, and a pile of animal poop. The children guessed the poop might have come from a dog or a horse. We also noticed different sounds, such as the buzzing of bugs and the chirping of birds. The trail had some bumpy parts and some Sprouts fell down once or twice. When this happened their friends rallied around them to make sure they were okay. Everyone got up again, determined to push forward. Our team spirit was strong! After the hike we enjoyed a picnic lunch and spent some time exploring the nature exhibits in the Visitor Center. A special thanks to our parent volunteers for all their help!

Love, Ms. Rebekah, Ms. Diana, Ms. Inga, & Ms. Lala