Sprouts: Welcome Ms. Diana!

Sprouts: Welcome Ms. Diana!


Hello Sprouts Families!

Welcome Ms. Diana!

We are very excited to welcome our new educator, Ms. Diana, to the Sprouts classroom. She is full of positive energy and has already demonstrated her strength of playfulness. We look forward to spending more time playing and learning with her!

This week we will share about acts of kindness, building, tracing and erasing.

Acts of Kindness

One of the most important skills we hope for the Sprouts to develop is taking care of one another. As a community we believe it is crucial that we are able to respect each other’s needs, provide comfort and support to each other, include each other in our play, and offer help. This week we noticed the Sprouts showing kindness in many ways. Most of the time these gestures were unprompted. We believe they demonstrate the children’s intrinsic desire to help their friends. They showed each other how to build and they created together. They repaired feelings after making mistakes. They helped each other complete tasks by lending helping hands. These acts of kindness contributed to our community’s sense of love and belonging. Our hearts are warmed watching the Sprouts’ friendships bud and blossom.


This week we noticed a stacking trend. The children were finding opportunities to stack different objects on top of one another. It seemed that sometimes the intention was to create the tallest building they could before it toppled over. This was evident with the wood pieces. The children would smile gleefully after they put one on the very top, as if they were celebrating their building’s height and stability. Other times the stacking seemed to be a means for collecting objects in an organized way. We noticed this when Ovee was using a triangle magnet tile to pick up other triangle pieces. She would lay several triangle pieces out on the floor and then hover one piece above them until the force of the magnet caused the triangle on the floor to get pulled up, connecting to the piece in her hand. She repeated this until all the triangle pieces were stacked in her hand. We also noticed stacking when children were experimenting with how objects functioned together. For example, Jack collected all of the turquoise gears and stacked them together. Then he started twisting them in his hands and watched which ones moved and which ones stayed in place.

Tracing & Erasing

It’s no breaking news that the Sprouts are into making marks. Last week we noticed a few children tracing whiteboard erasers. This week we provided plastic gears for the children to trace. Some children traced very close to the gear, moving meticulously and creating a flower-like shape. Others made big circles around it. A couple children even ditched the gears and traced their hands.

We’ve discovered that in addition to marking by adding a material, like crayon or pen, they’ve also been very interested in marking by erasing a material, like paint or dry-erase marker. Erasing came up this week when children were tracing the gears on whiteboards. Some of them used the gear to erase the marker. They rubbed it over the marker to make it disappear, although they discovered this wasn’t very efficient. We also noticed a moment when Nolen happened upon a whiteboard full or marks laying on the floor. He stepped on it and scooted his feet forwards and backwards to erase all the marks.

With all of our whiteboard marker use we discussed marker care during one of our assemblies. The children practiced listening for the click as I pushed the cap back on the marker. During exploration they were motivated to do it themselves and show off how they could make the click. It helped lots of our markers reunite with their caps after use.


The Sprouts are movers. They zoom around the playground and around our classroom with purpose and excitement. When they stop to focus on something in one place, it feels important, like that something must have a strong force to draw them in. In these moments it’s almost as if we can see the wheels turning inside their heads. We are still investigating ways to meld their desire to move and their ability for focused attention. When these two factors come together the children’s inquiry is strong.

We are feeling grateful that the Sprouts continue to bring their laughter and silliness with them to Dot to Dot every day. They have shown their flexibility and resilience this week, with smiles on their faces. As their educators we feel so fortunate to be welcomed into their worlds.

Important news! We have a field trip planned for next Thursday, March 5th. We will be going to Mission Trails Regional Park to take the children on a short hike. The purpose of the trip is to offer big movement and the opportunity for team building.

Love, Ms. Rebekah, Ms. Diana, Ms. Inga & Ms. Lala