Sprouts: What do you see?

Sprouts: What do you see?


Hi Sprouts Families!

Our classroom had an excellent week exploring! We want to welcome our new friend Antonio to our Sprouts class.  We are so excited to grow and explore with him!

We took our children on a nature walk to explore outside.  The children were so excited.  After reading so many books about animals, each child had their own idea of what they would see outside.  Araz kept on asking, “Do you see eggs anywhere?” Paul said, “lets find some eggs.” Kiki kept looking for her jaguar and Vivaan thought he would see a lion or seahorse.  We climbed a very small hill in the back and the children found pinecones and snail shells on the ground. As we lay down to look up, we asked the children what do you see? Paul said he “sees lettuce and leaves on the trees.”  Vivaan noticed the birds and pinecones in the trees. Everyone was excited to be outside and explore their new surroundings.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

<3 Sprouts Team

Ms. Linda and Ms.Becca