Stems: Air Must Enter to Leave

Stems: Air Must Enter to Leave


Hello dear Stems families and friends-

Welcome to another week of adventures in the Stems room. Along with the many adventures, we also warmly welcomed our new friend, Anisha, into the Stems classroom and to our Dot-to-Dot family.

In this week’s blog we will covering the following-

  • Sensory Bin
    • Small Groups
  • Constructing


Sensory Bin

This week, many of the Stems have been engaging with the sensory bin and exploring with new tools and materials that we’ve added. We have placed two mini hand air pumps as well as a larger foot pump (think air mattress pump) to get them engaging and thinking about new ways to transfer the sand, flaxseed, white beads, blue jewels, and other medium in the sensory bin.

During assembly on Tuesday, we introduced the foot pump to the Stems. We had the Stems hold the end of the tube of the pump on their hands while we activated it. They noticed that air could be felt on their hands and face. They also said the air smelled like cookies! Perhaps truth, perhaps wishful thinking, perhaps a mixture of both.

The Stems came to the conclusion that,  air must go through (enter) the pump to come out of (leave) the pump.

Small Group

For small groups on Monday instead of  splitting the groups into “Glubby Clubbies” and “Unicorn Eyeballs,” we split the children into pairs/groups based on the materials they found interesting at Home Depot! After the children were split into the groups, we asked them to collaborate and discuss what they wanted to do with the material they were given. After collaborating and an idea of placement/location was decided, we asked them to illustrate it! It was so wonderful to observe the interaction of the children and their sharing of ideas. –

  Charli and Minjae collaborated, deciding the blue plastic box’s new home was on the top of the edge of the sensory bin.

Mizuki and Daxton decided that they wanted the metal clips attached to the hanging lights.

Madison and Annabel wanted the green drain added on top of the silver “ladder” closest to the sink.

Sienna, Eden, and Clara collaborated, deciding that the white metal circle be attached to the side of the triangle component.

Anisha and Niccolo decided that the blue plastic box be attached to the side of the wooden part.

Jack, Smayana, and Phoebe wanted the black square on the side of the sensory bin.

Aditi and Amelia collaborated, deciding the metal electric box be attached on the second step of the frame (previously the PVC frame) at the back of the sensory bin.

Cashton, Delfina, and Hank decided that the stretchy black pipe should be arched like a rainbow from the sensory bin to the triangle component.

The Stems collaborating and problem solving as to where materials be placed-

On Wednesday, some of the Stems went with Ms. Amy to work on a project which invited them to reflect on the sensory structure process thus far. The rest of the Stems, however, assisted in attaching/incorporating the materials from Home Depot based on their plans for them! 

Ask your child where his/her group placed their material(s)!


The block area has been well visited this week!

The birth of structures and lines have been revived. In their building, we have seen a variety of creations from buildings going vertical and/or horizontal, linear concepts, to balancing and stacking. One of the biggest patterns we noticed this week was how so many of the Stems had been working on how to perfectly balance the materials on top of each other without making it fall.

Thank you for joining us on this week’s journey! Your continued involvement and support is inspiring.

Please note:  Made Visible will be on Saturday, March 14th from 4-7 pm. Friends and families are welcome to join! Please RSVP at the front desk and include the number of people attending in your group. We look forward to you joining us and going on the incredible journey of learning in the classrooms for the evening.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend-

Hugs, The Stems Educators