Stems: Celebrations and new adventures

Stems: Celebrations and new adventures

June 13th, 2019

Hello Stem families,

It was so wonderful celebrating with all of you last week!

As we mentioned at the Stem celebration it has been an honor to journey alongside your children this year.  We have learned so much together, have seen them grow in so many ways and are very excited for their next adventures.  During our morning assemblies this week we have been talking about summer plans and starting to think about kindergarten.  Although it is a time of transition and getting ready for next steps, the Stems have been busy as always in our classroom continuing to work on past projects, thinking of what to do with collaborative work and even setting out in a few new directions. Here is a peak at a variety of the activities the Stems have focused on both this and last week…

The work on our Story book as our gift to the school inspired many new stories.A few of the Stems even started taking their own story dictations, using a chalk board and carefully listening to each word as a friend told them their story.

We have continued to see lots of building with blocks, loose parts and small world materials.  Sometimes these structures are used for storytelling and other times they have been incorporated into pretend play.

We brought back the sensory bin which we initially filled just with flaxseed, but over the course of the week we added beads, buttons and other tiny treasures to the bin. Many members of our class have been enjoying using tweezers to find and pick up tiny treasures.  There has been a lot of classifying and sorting the treasures, the shiny and sparkly ones are the most popular.  Some of the Stems have been collecting items from the sensory bin and then using those items in storytelling, pretend play or transporting them with cars to finding special spots to hide them in the classroom.

This week the Stems have been looking at past projects and artwork, taking some items home and thinking about what they want to do with the collaborative projects they worked on together.  Some of the Stems wanted to take their individual pieces of our cities home, others felt ready to let go of these items and a few Stems decided to disassemble the collaboartive “cruise ship.”

You may have been wondering why you have seen a large nest in our classroom.  Last week we noticed that a group of the Stems started to build nests on the playground again which brings us all the way back to an activity earlier in the year. But this time we noticed more of the Stems were getting involved and that they were starting to theorize about their nests.  So, we had some group discussions about nests and how the Stems think they are made.  The Stems have been sharing their ideas about how birds make nests as well as what works or doesn’t work when they try to make their own nests on the playground.  We also brought out the large nest that was made by the Stems last year for this years’ Stems to look at.  Some of the Stems decided to add to this nest and one member of our class thought that future Stems might also add to the nest someday.  It is interesting to see them start to think about the future Stems that will be in our classroom after they leave.

In connection with this interest we have looked up close at a real nest, looked at some bird books together and a few of the Stems have been making nests either with natural materials on the playground or with clay and natural materials in the classroom.

We also had celebrations this week.  We celebrated Riho’s 5thbirthday.  Her dad came to visit our classroom last Friday to read a Dr. Seuss book to the class and she shared birthday fruit with us on Monday.

We have also been celebrating fathers this week, with some special visits from Dads to our classroom and many of the Stems have been busy making Father’s day cards, pictures and paintings.  We wish all of the Dads a very Happy Father’s Day!

It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to a close.  As you know, Ms. Soni and I will be with our own families this summer, but we look forward to returning to Dot to Dot for the next school year.  We hope you all have a wonderful summer and wish all of the Stems the very best on their new adventures!

Ms. Inga & Ms. Soni