Stems: “I’m pushing this air into there, and they’re pushing that air into here!”

Stems: “I’m pushing this air into there, and they’re pushing that air into here!”


Hello dear Stems families and friends –

We hope you had a wonderful weekend! Welcome to this week’s adventures in the Stems room. Our week consisted of enrichments, a birthday celebration, explorations, inspiring conversations, and discoveries!

In this week’s blog, we will cover the following:

  • Construction/Block Area
  • Sensory Bin
  • Fix it Area

Construction/Block Area

This week in the block area, we observed fascinating structures that consisted of incredible lines and design, balancing, and stacking. These structures and buildings were created with the Stems using their logical and creative design skills.

Sensory Bin

This week in the sensory area, we observed a lot of interest and discoveries in the concept of force and flow. A lot of the stems have been filling containers up with sand and flaxseed and watching all of it “fly” down the sink drain into the bucket.

On Monday, many of you may have seen the beginnings of our new component on the sensory bin- the arch! On Wednesday, the arch or “bridge” as the Stems have been calling it, was ready for the Stems to interact and engage with. This component connects from our main rectangle sensory bin to the triangle component. The Stems have been interacting with it in many different ways this week. 

This week, we also read the book “Thank You Earth” and had the Stems brainstorm and think about what it is they are thankful to the Earth for. They shared their ideas in small group and drew it out on a circle piece of paper that will be displayed in the classroom at our Made Visible event. Be sure to keep an eye out to see all the wonderful things the Stems love about what our Earth provides to them.


Fix it Area 

This week in the Stems room, we added a couple of new items to the fix-it area: a laptop donated by Mr. Freddy and an alarm clock donated by a parent!

We have seen lots of interactions this week with the laptop Mr. Freddy donated! We had a conversation during assembly one day about what a hard drive is and that there may possibly still be one in the laptop. We spoke about the size/look of the hard drive and asked the Stems to give it to one of the educators if they found it. It has been really entertaining and a joy to observe the Stems take responsibility of looking for the hard drive. It has also been interesting to see the materials that they removed from the computer and were questioning if they were the hard drive. 

Thank you for joining us on this week’s journey!

Please note: Made Visible is coming right up! 🙂 Families and friends are welcome to attend this exciting evening of engagement and learning on March 14th from 4-7 p.m. Please RSVP on the sign-up sheet at the front desk! We look forward to having you join us.

Please note – To help keep our kiddos safe, please ensure your child washes his/her hands in the restroom or in their classroom as they arrive every morning.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend-

Hugs, The Stems Educators