Stems: Listening to children

Stems: Listening to children

Thursday, March 7th2019

Hello Stem families,

Welcome into our classroom this week!

You will notice that the format of the blog post is a little different this week.  We are going to take a step back from writing about what happened in the classroom and invite you to look at the photographs together with your child and listen to what they have to say.

One of the many topics that we will be working on during our professional development day on Friday, March 8th is looking at the opportunities we have to really listen to our students.

“If a teacher believes that the child constructs their own knowledge, then the most important verb that guides the educational activity is no longer “to speak,” “to explain” or “to transmit,” but rather ”to listen.” The only way teachers can discover a child’s questions, theories, or interpretations is to listen to them-listen to what they say aloud and to many other ways that they convey their ideas.”  – Working in the Reggio Way

So we invite you to listen as well…

As you look at the photos with your child, you can try asking a few open ended questions, but mostly just hear what they have to say.  Which photos are they most excited to see?  What do they notice in the photographs?  What memories do they share with you?  What do they say about their own activities or about their classmates’s activities?  Did they remember something from the week that isn’t in a photo? Do you hear any excitement about what they plan to work on next week?







The Curious Garden

We would love to hear what your children shared with you while you looked at these photos together.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Inga & Ms. Soni