Stems: “Remember that boingy thing?”

Stems: “Remember that boingy thing?”


Hello our dear Stems families & friends-

Welcome to this week’s blog. We hope you had a wonderful weekend!

In this week’s blog we will cover the following:

  • Home Depot + Sensory Bin

Home Depot 

We have had such a busy week filled with lots of conversations, explorations and more ideas about the sensory bin! At the beginning of the week, we had our field trip to Home Depot and the Stems had a blast walking through the aisles looking at all the different types of materials, tools and parts. We split the Stems into their small groups – Glubby Clubbies were with Ms. Krista and the Unicorn Eyeballs with Ms. Kaylyn. Each one of them got to pick something they were interested in and wanted to add to the sensory bin. The Stems asked many thought provoking questions and got to touch and explore so many different types of materials.

After we returned back from our field trip and after reflecting, the Stems wrote down their ideas as to what stood out for them at the Home Depot. Some of our friends even wrote down where they would like to add the part that they remembered from Home Depot onto the sensory bin – 

“A block that has a lot of holes in it! It was silver, plastic.” -Amelia. She wanted to put it on the top of the board over the holes.

“I saw 2 of the spikey things. They were made out of metal. I want to put them on the side of the sensory bin because I think it would be cool. Like you could put glitter sparkly on it and it would be a decoration.” -Daxton

“A box.” -Mizuki

“I remember that bouncy thing! It looked like metal and a little trampoline. I would like to put it on the top of the sensory bin, it would be cool. I would bounce sand on there and it would go everywhere and fall everywhere on people and they would love it.” -Phoebe

“Remember that boingy thing? It boinged. There’s a thing that looked like a crib. It was up in a big shelf.” -Eden. She wanted to put the ‘boingy’ thing in the 2 small sensory bins in the PVC frame.

“A jumpy thing. It jumped! It was black, there was slime in it.” -Clara. She wanted it inside of the two plastic bins inside of the PVC frame.

“I remember the white tubes. I wanted to put them with the other tubes we have at school. I also saw flowers!” -Madison

“I noticed something made of glass and I remember bricks.” -SiennaShe then walked over to the sensory bin and pointed to a spot on the triangle component where she wanted to add one of the bricks.

“I remember the wood because I like long things.” – Charli

“I saw a big thing, it was a ginormous rectangle that I saw at Home Depot.” – Niccolo

“I remember the half squares, they were metal half squares. There was a white one and a brown one.” -Delfina

“I remember a black thing that was in a circle. If you push it, it bends and comes out on the other side. I want that on the sensory bin so I can put sand in it and it will fall out” – Smayana

“I remember we walked by the wood with Ms. Amy and they were long and I remember and drew these two carts that they were there.” – Hank

“A hat. It was black.” – Jack

“I remember the bricks and the plastic things I tried to connect with Hank.” – Cashton 

“I pulled out a drain and I remember it had holes on it and it was a green color and I asked you to take a picture so we can get it and put it on the sensory bin so we can put sand in it and it was sprinkle out everywhere on the sensory bin.” – Annabel 

Sensory Bin

This week in the sensory bin, we also provided a new medium for the Stems to explore with; flax seed! Many of you may have also noticed that part of the sensory bins and the components attached have been painted black. The black portions have been painted with chalkboard paint. As we have had a lot of children interested in writing/drawing, we wanted to invite/provide the Stems with the opportunity to express themselves in the same area.

On Thursday during assembly, we brought up that the way the sensory bin structure/components of the sensory bin were set up, it was spilling into the transformation area so we questioned aloud as to what we should do about it.

“We can move it [sensory structure] this way (she moved her hands horizontally/back and forth) so people can get pass.” -Charli

“If we push it [sensory structure] this way (towards the door) we can’t open the door!” -Madison

“You can get a ladder and put it on the ground and go over the triangle.” -Smayana

“We could not move it [sensory structure] close. It’s too far away.” -Sienna

“If you move the sides then you can go through. I noticed a lot of people taking sand and putting it in different places.”  -Eden

“Switch (transformation area and sensory bin).” -Mizuki

Many of you probably have seen the tall silver ‘ladder-looking’ structures in our classroom that we brought in a couple of weeks ago. On Thursday during small group, we asked each of the groups as to how they wanted to integrate one to the sensory bin.

Thank you for joining us on this week’s journey!

We want to wish each of you a wonderful Friendship Day, we are grateful for every one of you.

Please note: Dot-to-Dot will be closed on Monday February 17th to honor President’s Day. Enjoy and have a wonderful & safe 3-day weekend with your loved ones.

Hugs- The Stems Educators