Stems: Welcome Minjae!

Stems: Welcome Minjae!


Hello Stems families & friends,

Welcome to a new week of exploration & adventures in our room! This week we have welcomed a new friend, Minjae, into the Stems class and our friends have been so excited to have him join our Stems family. When welcoming Minjae into our class one day during morning assembly, a couple of our friends shared –

“We have to be kind to Minjae.”  -Sienna

“You have to be nice to Minjae because he wants us to be nice to him and we all have to be nice to our friends.”  -Charli

After welcoming Minjae to our classroom, the Stems agreed that we should be kind to Minjae and all of our friends in the room. 🙂


In this weeks blog, we will cover the following:

  • Transferring + Sensory Bin
  • Fixing

Transferring + Sensory Bin

This week in the sensory bin, we added a couple of new components! Many of you may have seen the message on the daily board regarding the PVC frame that the Stems assisted in building or have seen the frame attached to the back of the sensory bin which is holding two small bins at a higher level.

We also added a textured and slightly transparent ramp by connecting a few samples of recycled acrylic together! This provided the Stems another way of transporting materials from one place to another.

A pump was added to the sensory bin as well! We attached it to the end of a tube as a provocation as one of the Stems had previous mentioned how he wanted sand to flow through a tube vertically.


In the fixing area this week, we observed that the Stems were really intrigued with wanting to discover the unseen. They used various tools to detach and get inside of the machines and once they succeeded, they discovered a variety of components inside them.

To support the interests of fixing and engaging with materials removed from the machines in the fixing area, we invited each of the Stems to choose a loose part from the fix-it tray to add on to the sensory bin! –

On Thursday, the Stems used a power drill with Ms. Inga where they followed plans created by Ms. Amy in how to assemble a frame for the sensory bin. –

The Stems will finish assembling the frame on Friday so keep an eye out for it in the classroom as well as on Facebook &/or next week’s blog!

Thank you for joining us on this week’s journey!

Please note: Our field trip to Home Depot is on Monday, February 10th! Please ensure that you sign and return the permission slip as soon as possible. Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs – The Stems Educators