Stems: “Where the people can go.”

Stems: “Where the people can go.”


Dear Stems families and friends-

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog! This week in the Stem’s room, we observed many intriguing explorations and had interesting conversations!  

In this week’s blog we will cover the following-

  • Building
  • Fixing
  • Transferring + Sensory Bin


It was interesting to notice the shift in building from a couple of weeks ago as we had been observing a lot of vertical building where as this week, we have seen more flat, horizontal, layered, and balanced building.


At the beginning of this week, we added a new “machine” to our fix it area which was donated by our friend Eden (thanks for the clock)! Our friends were so excited and immediately began taking it apart to “fix it.” We also saw a growing interest in magnets and materials “sticking to each other.” 

With a growing interest in magnetic pieces and materials “sticking to each other,” the Unicorn Eyeballs spent a couple days this week during small group exploring their ideas about different things they could build/create with loose metal parts. 

Transferring + Sensory Bin

Last Friday, the Stems continued to turn their plans into reality! A few of the Stems painted bricks per their plans and many of the Stems assisted in screwing hinges/wood into the sensory bin to create an ‘X’.

This week, we added a variety of new materials to the sensory bin! As many of the Stems wanted ‘jewels’ in the sensory bin, we added sequins, beads, and buttons for the Stems to interact with.

We have a lot of exciting components that we have drawn up based off of the Stems plans that we will start to attach and incorporate into/on the sensory bin starting Friday and next week. Stay tuned!

Thank you for joining us on this week’s journey!

We hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend,

Hugs- The Stems Educators