Storytelling, Transformation, & Writing

Storytelling, Transformation, & Writing


Hello dear Roots family and friends-

Welcome to this week’s Dot journey in the Roots room! First of all, we warmly welcomed our new friend, Dax, into the Roots room and to Dot-to-Dot. Also this week, we observed a lot of storytelling, transformation, and writing amongst the Roots.

It was interesting to see that the storytelling and transformation that the Roots were engaged in occurred in variety of areas in the Roots room –  “trap area”, light-table, mirror table, building area, book area, and expressions area. It also occurred in a variety of locations outside of the classroom- on the cement, in the sand area, on the stage, etc. 

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”  C.S.

Stacking, lining up, and storytelling on the light table.

“We’re making a sneaking berry bush. It finds everyone to find and sneak some berries. Someone comes up to the sneaking berry bush. The people will tiptoe and sneak and get a berry. The sneaking berry bush is in the forest, far away in the mountains. It’s in the sneaking berry bush forest. The sneaking people live there and the big bad wolf. When the big bad wolf comes out, it’ll blow fire on them. Then the people will run away and go in a hole!”

Hank & Phoebe baking up a storm!

Phoebe: “Come to our party!  We have chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and mango cake.”

Hank: “We have cookies.”

Phoebe: “This is bread. Chocolate bread.”

Hank: “You get the recipe from the ingredient book. It’s a cake party. Here’s another cake for you, it’s a chocolate mango vanilla cake.”

Phoebe: “I’m making a mountain cake!”

Hank: ‘”Mountain cakes are so good!”

Phoebe: “Yeah, I am working so hard on it.”

Hank: “A mountain cake taste like vanilla.”

One of the Sprouts: “Can I have a cookie?”

Hank: “Yes, you can have anyone!”

Phoebe: “We’re the bakers.”

Hank: “Here’s a slide caker- it’s made of slides and tastes like cheese. Phoebe, you need to add water to make it stick. You need to brush your teeth 199 days so you can eat all the cake!”

In their transformation play, a lot of great skills were being utilized. The dialogue back and forth fostered communication and listening skills, the lifting, mixing, dumping, and pouring fostered fine and gross motor skills plus logical thinking, and the transformation play fostered both creative and expressive skills– just to name a few!

Word writing with Smayana

“This says I love you so much mommy.”


“Before the people slided in the boat, they’re going to the ocean then rise and shine the ocean and the people swim. The wave washed away to the jungle. Then it was nighttime and the moon came out. Then it was morning time and the sun came out and the butterfly came out and that was the people pet.”


“This is a rainbow. Each rainbow goes to school. He plants gardens and it plants a flower. It gets adopted by a horse. It gets the pen and he draws on his cubby, hee hee. The rainbow has a cubby.”


“Patrick riding the train around the tracks.”

The family taking a nap in their transformation play.

Madison = mom, Annabel = dad, Eden = baby, Dax = brother, Asahi = a boy named Dax

Madison: “It’s 6-80-30. It’s still bedtime.”

Annabel: “It’s 7-80” (as she pretended to look at a watch on her wrist). “Ohhh my watch is gone. I got to go do something.”

Madison: “It’s 80-90.”

Annabel: “11! 80-90-11. Time to wake up kids!”

Madison: “Yeah.”

All of the kids got up.

Madison: “It’s breakfast.”

Annabel: “What are we going to eat for breakfast?!” She started passing out cd’s as food.

Madison: “It’s actually still bed time! It’s still bed time, still bed time.”

All of the kids climbed back under the fabrics.

Madison: “Dad?! What are you doing?!”

Annabel: “I’m eating my vitamins! Good vitamins.”

Madison: “Okay you have to go to bed you have to eat some of mine.”

Annabel pretend to pass some vitamins to Madison.

Dax: “I’m tired. I’m asleep.”

Annabel: “We wake up at 11:30.”

Madison: “And 18:30.”

Dax: “Is it wake up time?”

Annabel started passing out food to a couple of people in bed.

Madison: “No! You have to get up. Get up!”

After the parents and kids ate a satisfying breakfast of cd’s, they woke up for the day. A couple following days later, a majority of the Dots above continued to engage in transformation play in that area during exploration. We heard and saw a lot of interesting stories from Halloween to riding in a taxi, to talking on the phone while firefighting. It was interesting to see regardless of the scenario that the Dots are engaged in, it almost always revolves around one thing- family. <3

Building with natural loose parts during small group.

One day during small group, some of the Dots use natural loose parts to create and story-tell with –

Delfina: “This is my castle! All of the Disney princesses live there. All the people and all the stepsisters go there.”

Phoebe: “That’s not your home.”

Delfina: “Yes! It’s everyone’s home! Everyone could live in there ’cause it’s a castle.”

Eden: “This is the kitchen.”

Phoebe: “But you don’t really live there. No one lives in castles. They just live in regular houses.”

Delfina: “Yes I do! Because I’m a princess.”

Eden: “You can come in my house, that’s the kitchen. Here’s the bedroom. This is where the plates are.”

Delfina: “Rainbow!”

Eden: “I need my doggy, I forgot. Here’s my dog.”

Phoebe: “I need 3 cats because I have.”

Delfina: “Do you have 3 cats?”

Phoebe: “For real.”

Annabel: “When my cats die, I’m going to get a fish. Yep, then when it dies, I’m going to get a rabbit.”

Riding on a train.

Aditi: “Can I be the driver?”

Quinn: “I’m going to ask mommy if I can have bubblegum.”

Samanvi: “This is a steep train so we can stand up on it. It’s a safe train. We’re going to Disneyland!”


Samanvi: “We’re going to find some toys!”

Quinn: “I’m going to look at the giraffes in Disneyland.”

Aditi: “I’m going to say ‘hi’ to Mickey Mouse and everyone in the whole world!”

On Thursday, all of the Roots had art with Ms. Amy. During this time, all of the Dots used a variety of markers (some with a brush tip, some with a thin tip, some Sharpies, etc.) to write/draw stories with! 

Here is Amelia’s story-

“This is about my mommy and me. We we’re playing together. We were playing puzzles and we’re playing other puzzles, too. We were playing lines with strings at home. The smoke came from to top out of the pot. The smoke came to mama and me. We ran away and it followed us. We runned faster. We runned some more because it followed us more.”

Please note: As the school year is coming to an end and transitions into the Stems room will be occurring soon, it would be much appreciated if you would go through the items in your child’s cubby and remove anything that is no longer of use to your child. However,  the extra set of clothing should stay in there. Thank you for your assistance! 🙂

Have a great and safe weekend- Ms. Kim and Ms. Krista