The Magic Of A Box

The Magic Of A Box

At the beginning of this week we noticed the Roots class enclosing themselves again.

Also I really large box was added to the peace corner to help some of our friends calm down and find a safe space.

The atmosphere was loud, excited, and got our attention. We watched as they dumped the loose parts and didnt really know what to do with them.

At first we thought they needed more physical materials to keep their interest.

Our stepping stones are still a great addition to our class, but it wasnt enought.

Then the big box came into the middle of the room, and we knew right away what they were trying to tell us.

They needed a physical outlet to tell their stories, and to pretend. The next day we cleared everything out of the room and gave way to a fee loose parts and large boxes.

The boxes became a vehicle for new friends to emerge as they found out they enjoyed each others pretend play.

It gave other friends a chance to play with new friends with out needed to share space. We saw many friends, each in their own box calling to each other.

The play continues outside. Wrapping, enveloping, enclosing, and transforming.

We heard many stories but a few that stuck out were:

Charlotte was sitting in a box completely covered. In the corner of the room you hear a tiny “help”

Logan: “I am a rescuer! I coming Charlotte!” They laughed so hard they fell over.

Heinz was sitting in a box with Zion right on the outside.

Hienz “it’s very dark in here.”

Zion “what else to you see?”

Hienz “I dont know, maybe a T-Rex” “yes this is a T Rex box,”

Zion “Is it green?”

Hienz “green and black!”

A special thank you to Kalebs mom, Yennifer. She saw they we are taking care of the chickens and brought in some carrot tops and peels for us. Kaleb had a smile all day because “my mommy love the chickens too. She wants to be nice to them.”

This is a great example of showing interest in your child’s education. It was truly a simple act of kindness.

And it made the chickens so happy they took a nap in the sun with everyone playing around them

Have a great weekend!

Patents night out is August 17th

Please apply sunscreen before school, and check that your child has 2 sets of extra close.