Roots: “The rain smells like frog”

Roots: “The rain smells like frog”

Welcome back Roots families. It’s been a long weekend, and a holiday full of thanks. The Dots came back ready to play, talk about home and family, and to show us how much they grew. In this blog, we will be taking a look at:

  1. Clay, how it has grown & what else it is telling us
  2. How rainy day play has changed
  3. “Crab school”



We have had the clay on the light table now for almost a month. They have added too much water and seen the slippery mess it makes. They have let it dry out too much, then came to tell us it is unworkable. Right before the Thanksgiving break, they did something amazing and unexpected. They showed us they are ready to explore writing, make sculptures, and start using the clay in more complex ways.


Rainy Days

The rain is back, which always leads to changing their outside play. The Roots were already using water in different ways, but with buckets of it falling down, they went to town. In the past rainy days have been jumping in a puddle, feeling the rain, and a lot of running trying to catch the droplets. As the Roots grow we get to watch their play change and grow with them. They became boat builders. Rianne and Charlotte went and tested how deep the water was by the tree. They jumped, splashed, and got soaking wet. Then the game changed to pretend play. They went on a voyage. Once the class had played in the rain for long enough they all formed a group and played a daring game of “who can swing over the big muddy puddle?” It was the first time for a couple of friends to successfully swing on the rope at all. The thrill of landing in a puddle made hanging on and jumping high enough a big deal. They all lined up and Mila became like a game show host. She called the next friend down and led a countdown to jump.



“Crab School”

“Crab school” began early this week. It started with Rianne, and Charlotte making sign-up sheets for what they called “crab school.” Zion, Kaleb, and Heinz signed up and started their school on the green carpet. This is where we saw the ideas they had come to life.

Have a great weekend!

The Roots Team