The Story Of A Line

The Story Of A Line

Hello roots Families! We hope you enjoyed your 4th of July, and spend quality time with your kiddos. We have been watching children’s play, and have noticed a great interest in connecting, and lines. This is the beginning of writing! We first noticed with the white PVC pipes. They wanted to connect and attach as many as they could to see how long, and how far they could get. They also used them as paint rollers on the wall, and as a vacuum cleaner when ever there is a big mess.  


A child might spend a great deal of time connecting things to one another. You may notice that they love to join the train tracks together, link LEGOs in long chains, build “fences” out of blocks, each block touching its neighbor. They also love to use tape, glue, string, and other things that connect objects.

Behavioral Schema – Tinkergarten Skills that Matter

Following the connecting schema we see the class showing a greater interest in cutting, and using scissors. We have been focusing on using them correctly, and how to be safe. Once they were comfortable, and ready they started using them on their own. They cut to see how small the pieces they can get, and they connect, or stack those small pieces. This is all done for a better understanding, and different perspective of how paper, scissors, glue, size, and their own hands work.

At the beginning of the week two friends joined together to big a castle. They started to stack random pieces together first, Then more organized sizes. The other children in the class left them alone, knowing that something was forming here. Then words came in to the building processes. The sharing of ideas, and imagination is the first step to a new friendship. 

“This is where all the horses will sleep!’ Megan

“This part is the bridge, I worked really hard on this” Charli

“They better not knock it down.” Megan

“We want to keep it up for tomorrow to add on.” Both 

The connecting schema has led us to the story of a line. How do you make a line?  Our first art project to explore the interest in this was dipping cardboard in to paint and making lines. What?? do these lines make?

“I see a ladder.” logan

“I see a house.” Megan

I see a x” madelyn

We all took turns seeing all the different imagines the lines could make. From this provocation we have seen much more awareness in their art work, and need to write. The line is the beginning to all art forms, self expression, and written words. 


Have a great evening,

Ms. Kim and Ms. Adriana