This is the season to be heard!

This is the season to be heard!

Every year in the Roots class it becomes very clear that the children are ready, and demanding to be heard. They will make their stories be heard to anyone who listens, and they begin to act out their play in many ways.  They are very verbal, and in need of sharing their ideas. In this class we value and encourage all their thoughts and feels be made clear through many different tools. One of the biggest differences is they start to take responsibility for their classroom, and what is in it. But this time they have a say in how things are done. 

Our classroom plants where in need of replanting. Lots of roots were showing, and our Dots noticed that this is not healthy for the plant. We sat down with all our plants, and decided which ones will go into water bead, and which ones need dirt. 

“I want these in water beads so I can see the eggs hatch.” Teddy

“Yes I like this one in water beads.” Yara

Clean up is not always the easiest, but they worked together and most of our potting soil put away.

While planting, and taking care of our room, we heard lots of storytelling.

Ms. Kim and Ms. Adriana were inspired by this and wanted to help the exploration of loose parts along.

We started with the story of Jack and The Bean Stalk. 

We gathered the loose parts we needed and told the dramatic tale of Jack. 





This led to a story of their own! Teddy and Hunter were the first ones to bring in a different loose part to help tell their story. We saw all different variations of Jack and The Bean Stalk. Hunter decided he needed the PVC so he could fight off the Giant, and knock the bean stalk down.  ” I need this to keep the giant back!”

“well, I need more gold to keep from the giant.” Charlotte

“I am going to go make my own house over there!” Yara

The two spaces are set up on either side of the door. The Dots move free between the two. 

“Look at me Ms. Kim I am sitting in my own house. ” Yara

“Me too.” Zion

“I like it in this house, the wolf cant blow it down. ” Madelyn

Enclosure is an importation part of understanding, organizing, and helping yourself to understand your environment. Many time as adults we see schemas happening and think that is it just a part of childhood. This schema will carry with you your whole life.  This of moving into a new home. How many boxes to you put things in? How do you organize your kitchen?

When placing items in the moving box how do you feel about it?

Does feels of “I am going to keep this safe, or if I wrap it and double box this it will be extra safe.”

This is what our Dots are feeling and processing in the new Roots class.

There is also the story of a line. 

If we want our stories told, heard, and valued. You must be able to make yourself clear. 

Ms. Adriana is wonderful at giving them many tools to be able to express themselves. 

The first place to start is “Can you make a straight line?”

“how far does this line go?”

“Which way is your line going?”

These are all questions to get your dots to think about being more purposeful in their illustrations. 

The lines were so important to the class we needed to expand their play and knowledge of lines. 

A projection of a line drawing was put on the wall, and a piece of large paper taped to the wall. They were given the chance to trace, climb, design, and see drawings from a different perspective. 

These different perspectives are what help all of us learn. We encourage their growth and learning but explaining things in many different ways, and challenging them to look at the world a little different each day. n