Tinker! Tinker!

Tinker! Tinker!

Welcome back Roots families! This week we had an unexpected visitor at Dot To Dot. Ms. Karen brought her dog in for a visit. It was amazing and wonderful to see all the different reactions from the Roots. Because the dog was a puppy and we were in the middle of exploration, we took one or two Dots at a time out to the see puppy. We took this as an opportunity to talk about and put into action how we approach an animal we don’t know, and how to read and respect that animal.

This is such an important life lesson! Many friends have not had experiences with animals that are almost as tall as them. Now, they will have a positive memory and know how to approach a new animal. We first held out our hand to be sniffed. Then waited to see “what the dog said.” Does his face look happy? Is his body language telling you it is safe?

This week we will be looking closer at

  • The tinker sculpture
  • Idea books!

Our tinker sculpture has been building for many weeks now. Ms. Inga and Ms. Kim have noticed that not all of the children had a chance to work on it or had a clear idea of what they can do with the sculpture. Small group is a great way to work with those children so they can have a chance to receive one on one attention. This also give them time to work on it without other interests taking over the fun.

This week we introduced the idea books! Many friends were talking about the rain, watching clouds move and change…

“I see blue skies! And clear clouds over there. There are dark brown clouds that way.” –  Skyrah

This observation and statement had the whole class gathered outside watching the storm clouds move across the sky. The educators took notice of this and thought it would be a good idea to go on a nature watch to see what else they noticed. This gave way to a perfect opportunity to write down what we saw and use our idea books.

Next week we will be taking a closer look at:

  • The development with clay
  • Sound and vibration

We are planning a field trip to the Carlsbad Museum of Making Music! The tentative date is Dec 18th. We will be asking for volunteers to join us.  More information coming soon.

Parents, thank you for going on this journey with us. Your children amaze us everyday!

Have a great weekend!