Transition Week

Transition Week


Dear Roots family and friends-

Hello! It feels so unbelievable to write “Roots family and friends” for the last time as next week, our dear Roots will be Stems! This week to prepare the Dots for their new chapter as Stems, we began transitioning and introducing the Dots to their new environment.

On Monday before we started the transitional process, we posed the questions- “What do you like about your space? What would you change about your space? What materials do you enjoy using?” to provide an extra opportunity for the Dots to stop, think, and reflect on their environment and the materials.

We received a lot of interesting answers! Here are a few of the responses we heard-

“I like to play with the apple sauce lids because you can make sneaking bushes.”

“I like to put things in the trap area, you can put awesome things in there like scissors and nails.”

“I like the books about ballerinas.”

“I like the paint.”

“I like to play with the cups to make big circle castles.”

“I don’t like building because if it falls, it tackles my feet.”

“I don’t like the glue because it sticks to my hands!”

On Tuesday, we had the Dots reflect on their time in the Stems room from the day prior, “What materials would you like to bring into your new class?”

“I want to bring the paint like it is in the Roots room.”

“I want to bring some books about flowers.”

“I want to bring the cd’s.”

“I want to bring some fabrics like the Roots have.”

“I want to bring glitter.”

“I want to bring the cups and the plants and the paint.”

“We have to bring the seashells and the plants.”

“A few blue cups!”

“Coffee cups.”

“Safety glasses and the trap.”

“2 safety glasses and 2 hammers.”

“A little bit of nails.”

We also asked, What materials did you enjoy exploring with the day prior in the Stems room?”

“I liked the diamonds in the sensory bin!”

“I liked the little beads, big beads, and shiny beads.”

“I liked painting (watercolors).”

It was really interesting to observe the Root in their to-be classroom. We observed that the Dots were attracted to 3 major areas – the sensory bin, transformation area, and expressions area. We also observed the exact scenario that the Dots had engaged in last week in the Roots room, occur in the Stems room-. This scene of transformation play involved a family who needed to wake up so they could eat breakfast! 🙂 What can we learn from this? That children will utilize space and materials in a way that reflects their interests. There weren’t cd’s in the Stems room for the Dots to use as food but who needs cd’s when chalk can be used? 

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Dots shared how they felt about becoming Stems “excited!” 🙂  It was really interesting as it didn’t seem to sink in that they would be Stems the next week until Thursday.

We are looking forward to this journey with these dear Dots as they will officially be transitioned on Monday into their new space!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend and thank you for all that you do! Ms. Kim and Ms. Krista