“We are rowing out of hot lava!’

“We are rowing out of hot lava!’


Dear Roots families-

Happy February 1 and welcome to the Roots room Estafania, Jack, and Mizuki!

The Roots have continued to show great interest in transformation; from fixing broken items with jackhammers, to building a forest, to creating a cake with spices. Each creation and transformation of character and materials is purposeful and is surrounded by interesting stories and details.

Pinecones were stacked on top of recycled material tubes. Madison: “Those are pinecones trees for the woods.”

Butterflied fabric was laid out across the carpet with loose parts on top. Delfina: “This is the land for the butterflies.”

Annabel sprinkled loose parts on top of the woods scene.

Madison: “Our story is the three little bears with Goldilocks.”

Delfina: “No, it’s about Goldilocks and the butterflies.”

Madison: “…in the woods.”

Madison laid out a piece of blue fabric. “This is going to be the ABC song.” She then took the piece of blue fabric and covered the entire woods scene.

It was very intriguing to hear Madison’s perspective that a piece of fabric could transform into a song.

“We are rowing out of hot lava!”

The green crates and wooden stage transformed into boats, the PVC pipes turned into paddles, and the wood chips into hot lava! As a peer walked by, Hank Zachary, and Mateo encouraged them to get off of the wood chips as it was hot lava as they continued to paddle their boats away. 

“I look for stars but it’s just dark!”

Aiko transformed PVC pipes and fittings into a telescope. After her telescope was designed, she hung it up in a tree, and looked through the opening on the bottom of the telescope to see if she could see outer space. She learned that she was unable to see stars as the pipe was too dark. 

After design #1 of the telescope did not work, Aiko and Jack used two small tubes to create binoculars as well as a second telescope design- a single pipe. Both were proved to be successful.

“Look what color I made! I made a new color!”

What is it about mixing paint together that is so fascinating for children? Is it the creation of new colors? Is it the bright colors? Is it sensory satisfaction of watching globs of paint swirl together?

Eden wanted purple and as there wasn’t any purple on the paint pallet, she then started mixing colors together to see if she could create it. After mixing green, red, and yellow together, Eden discovered that she had transformed the three colors into one.

Eden then continued to mix colors together as she also wanted the color pink. She and Isabella together mixed red, white, and a little green together to create a rosy pink. After the desired colors were created, the girls continued to mix different colors together.

The combination of using inspiration, imagination as well as abstract and creative thinking lay a strong foundation for academic success later in life. Aditi used recycle materials and glue to create a “boat that is like an airplane and spaceship!”

It is very intriguing observing the creations that the Roots have created as well as the stories and ideas behind them.

Mizuki was fascinated with designing multiple structures with the Tinker Toys in the block area. His smile and gaze are purposefully on the arm coming out of the  back of his creation. Mizuki discovered that by twisting the bottom blue peg, all of the upper attachments would spin as well. Sounds like the creation of an engineer!

“I made an umbrella!”

It is interesting to consider, do children think of an idea in their head and then create it? Or do they create something and then based on it’s appearance, determine what it is?

Jack and Estefania were also interested in design different creations with the Tinker Toys. Estefania transformed pegs and blocks into an umbrella while Jack created his idea. 

After watching a video about the construction of bridges the Roots continued to build upon the design of the bridge that they started last week during art with Ms. Amy.

First, they attached a piece of foam on top of the pegs that they glued in last week as the trusses by either pushing the foam on to the pegs or gluing the foam to the pegs. After the trusses were glued on, the students transformed their bridges into many different creations from a movie theater bridge that floated on water, to an airplane bridge that flew in the sky, to the Golden Gate Bridge with holes in it. 

Once again, the Dots are using their creativity, imagination, and story telling to transform their ideas into form.

Here is the link to the construction of bridge video that the Roots watched with Ms. Amy- (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVOnRPefcno)

Please note: If you have any recycle-able cardboard materials at home (i.e. cereal boxes, paper towel tubes, wine cork stoppers, etc.) that you would like to get rid of, we will be more than happy to use them as loose parts in our classroom. Thank you!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend- Ms. Krista and Ms. Tanya