“We need to get it out, it’s the battery!”

“We need to get it out, it’s the battery!”


Dear Stems family and friends-

Hello! Welcome to this week’s journey in the Stems room. It was an eventful week with explorations, enrichment, and rainy weather! We have observed continued interest in literacy as well as transferring medium and creating/sequencing recipes both inside and outside of the classroom. Also, since a  couple of Stems were interested in ‘fixing’ a large calculator that we had in the transformation area by shoving craft sticks into compartments a couple of weeks ago, we brought in an old printer (thanks, Mr. Freddy for the donation) for the Stems to ‘tinker’ on. Continue below to see how the Stems have interacted and engaged with this new machine!

In this week’s blog we will cover the following-

  • Literacy
  • Transferring & Recipes
  • ‘Fixing’ the Printer


As many of the Stems have continued to show interest in creating books, we wanted to provide them a place where they could store their books in case their peers were interested in looking at them. After a reflection where a conclusion was decided upon as to not put Stem-created-books on the book shelf (as the small ones wouldn’t be visible and/or they would get ripped), a shallow basket by the gray carpet was decided upon to be the ‘home-made book’ home. Feel free to stop by and take a look at some of the books that the Stems have created! 


Transferring & Recipes

In the sensory bin this week, we added a container of flaxseed along side of the white sand (thanks again to Sienna for the donation). The Stems immediately began combining the two materials together in their creations. We also added a new spice for the Stems to explore with- cinnamon. As the week went on, it was evident that some of the students did not care for the scent of oregano that was previously placed in shakers as a couple of the Stems complained about not liking the “green things” in the sensory bin because of the odor.


‘Fixing’ the Printer

As mentioned in the intro of this blog, we brought in an old printer for the Stems to explore with. During the morning assembly in which the printer was introduced, the Stems appeared to be really excited about the machine as they shared what they observed (the letters, numbers, words, cobwebs, slots, etc.). We presented to the Stems that the machine didn’t work (by showing them that the power button and other buttons didn’t turn the machine on). Immediately, the Stems came to the conclusion that the machine should be ‘fixed.’  Note: We spoke to the Stems about how the printer in the class is a special printer for them to work on and how other printers, electronics, and machines at home should not be fixed by them. 🙂

When inquiring as to which tools were necessary to fix the machine, here’s what was said-

“Nails and hammers.”     “Screw driver.”     “Fork.”     “Spoon to get out the spiderwebs.”     “Nail and screwdriver and screw it together.”

After retrieving screwdrivers, safety goggles, and going over a risk assessment, the Stems got to work-

While the Stems above were fixing the printer, these are the comments heard-

“I put the screw driver and turned it and turned it and it’s fixed.”  Delfina

“See they’re wearing goggles so spiders and spider webs don’t go on their face.”  Hank

“It’s gonna work guys, let’s bring paper.” (She went and got paper). “Guys look at there’s an arrow. It’s pointing down. Guys, can you find that paper? I’m just going to show them how to do it.”  Phoebe

“Found the piece of paper!”  Delfina

“There’s no electricity.”  Phoebe

“Just put the paper through the vent. Find the part that opens so we can put batteries in there.”  Delfina

“If you put the screwdriver in the hole, it might activate.”  Hank

“That’s dangerous.”  Delfina

“I see fire in there.” Phoebe

“Phoebe, just don’t do this ’cause you don’t have safety glasses on.”  Delfina

“You just have to find the off button.”  Phoebe

“It might activate.”  Hank

“I think it’s working!” (She went and got paper and tried to put it in the printer. She then began pressing buttons.)  Delfina

“Where is the ‘o-k’ button?”  Phoebe

The next couple of days while they were working on the printer, a few of the Stems spent at least 45 minutes fixing it-

We look forward to the coming weeks as the Stems will be given an old CD player to work on and ‘fix’ as well!

And to end this blog… Ms. Karen brought her dog, Cocoa, one day to school for the children to interact with!

Thank you again for joining us on this week’s journey!

Please note: If your child is not going to attend school on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday of next week, please let us know as soon as possible!

Also, please make sure that your child has an extra set of clothing in his/her cubby (socks, pants, undies, top, and sweatshirt). Thank you! These extra clothes are especially necessary when the weather shifts from sunshine to raindrops. 🙂

Have a wonderful and safe weekend-

Hugs, The Stems Educators