Welcome Rowan!

Welcome Rowan!

This week we will introduce our new friend, Rowan, explore building  and  discuss arrangement transformation! 

Welcome Rowan!!  Whenever a new friend joins Dot to Dot, the transitions and new environment can be overwhelming.  As always the sprouts have been helping our newest addition learn all about the class and our routines.  Whenever a new friend joins the class, it allows everyone to review the rules for respecting and caring for each other and our materials.  We always encourage the sprouts to invite new friends to join in their explorations.  This allows the children to learn about each other and become comfortable in the new environment.


As the interest in building continues, we have been adding more invitations for the sprouts to explore.  They have continued to interact with and build on the playground replica. This week we added photos of the playground as well.  We have started noticing some friends creating a slide and moving their people sticks up and down.  The sprouts have also been naming the parts of the structure they notice “the stairs”, “slide”, etc.  There has also been some building happening on the carpet.  These creations include enclosed spaces and animals. The friends have been incorporating more of the loose parts into their building as well.


Arrangement Transformation 

The crates are always an item on the playground that the children enjoy exploring. Often times we see them stacking them up to help them climb up onto the rope, flipping the crates over to sit inside of them, walking on them and more! This week the friends were very interested in lining up the crates into a variety of formations and walking across them. It very much resembled their exploration of the planks. They walked carefully across the arranged crates and took turns walking across as they had practiced with the planks. However, the planks did not lend themselves to much variety in their assembly, while the crates could be stacked, and individually taken apart to create new paths to walk. The friends would walk on the crates and slowly the path would change, one crate at a time. This activity allowed for a lot of practice taking turns, but also collaborating and sharing ideas. Some friends wanted to move all of the crates, whereas others focused on walking across, while other friends only wanted to sit on the creates thus creating road blocks for the walkers. The friends needed to express their ideas and plans for the crates and compromise on a solution that satisfied everyone.



What is it about raised surfaces that are so exciting to explore? Walking on curbs, walking across the balance beam, walking on the crates. Standing up on the tree stumps or the logs. We constantly find that children are seeking those higher perspectives. Is it just the excitement of being a little bit taller? Is it the sensation and risk of being unsteady? Is it because it engages the core and the focus and strength in their bodies helping them to balance feels good? Why are they always trying to be bigger, when all we want them to do is stay small for a little while longer?


Thank you,
Ms. Shawna, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala