“Were hiding”

“Were hiding”

November 14,2019

Dear Sprouts Families,

It was a short but exciting week as the children continued their journey exploring.

This week we will talk about:

  • Movement of Materials
  • Buckets and Empty Cardboard Boxes
  • Being Responsible

Movement of Materials

Many of the children are still going up to the loft area to look down. “Hi! “ Adi says as he looks over the ledge. Paul is up in the loft searching for new materials that he can place his hands on. Araz comes up to join him. Paul starts to throw things down from the top. Araz drops down the white veil, and then some ribbons. Now the soft hand puppets come down. Both continue until most of the materials are now at the bottom. The children’s faces light up when they see the materials move.

The children have found another way of moving the materials. Under the loft area where the light and mirror table is white fabric is draped in the corner. The children realized that they could throw loose parts and materials in it and have noticed that it stays. The children are now looking for ways to get the materials out. Some friends have found a long wooden tube to then place it under the draped fabric and push it up to have the materials come down. The children are continuing their exploration in this new found material.


What other ways can we help the children to manipulate and use different materials to  make meaning of the natural world around them?


Buckets and Empty Cardboard Boxes

Boxes were placed with the two black buckets on the creative expressions table. At first the children were observing the new material. Earen comes over to the table and opens a small box to find materials in it. He starts to take out the materials with interest. Paul notices the buckets and starts to go around collecting materials placing whatever he can in the bucket. Earen takes

a bucket and starts placing the puzzle pieces with Adi into the bucket. Together they are placing things into the bucket. This continues for a while until Araz takes a box and says “Earen it’s your seat” Earen come and gets in the box. William goes in also. Paul is now trying to close the box with William and Earen inside. The play continues until it is time to clean up. The next day the boxes are out and Sophia takes a box and places it over her head. Araz comes over and they are both standing up with their heads hidden under the box “Were hiding”. Earen comes over to play with them under the box. Araz then tells Sophia to sit, but then changes his mind and says hide. As the play continues the conversation goes on, Araz tells Sophia” come over here”Sophia says “there’s no monster. Araz tells her “ hide hide The children are playing and covering themselves in the box. One box now has completely fallen apart, but the play continues as they are laughing. Paul tries to close the broken box. All the children are having a great sense of adventure as they work together, sharing an imaginative adventure.


What else can we do to encourage the children to build, learn and develop exploring imaginary places?


We continue to work on being responsible. The children can explore and use the materials in the classroom how they would like as long as they are safe. With that comes the responsibility of clean up or putting away. Clean up time is just as important as play time. All the children are expected to participate in helping. This is a skill set that we will continue to work on in the classroom, and with your support at home we will master this skill.


 What else can we do to help the children work together to participate in taking on this responsibility?

                                 Reflection for next week:

Next week we will continue to bring out bigger boxes, loose parts, natural objects and materials that will provide your child with endless opportunities to build on their play.


Have a fun relaxing weekend with your family

Love Ms. Linda