What a year it has been

What a year it has been

Welcome back Roots families! The year is coming to an end, and we are all reflecting on the friends we have made, the changes and obstacles we have over come, and the growth in the Dots. Many friends walked into the Roots classroom with the fear of the unknown, timid, and nervous.  While today everyone walks through the door with an air of “I own this”. The confidence levels have all gone up. Friends are excited to share new ideas with each other, and a bond has been built with everyone. They look for each other, include one another, and grow together.  It is a joy and a pleasure to be a part of it. Let’s take some time to look over the time spent in the Roots class 

The best nature walks happened when we needed to spend a week in an outdoor classroom.

the first week of school in the new Roots classroom they enclosed, and enveloped themselves. The adults just didn’t catch on till later. 


Teddy and Logan figuring our how to hold a pencil, how to share ideas, and make a plan. 

When sound and vibrations became clear! Logan was experimenting with his truck on different surfaces. 

Drums in boxes! “I can feel it on the sides.” Charlotte


One of our first risk assessments! We had to be serious about how to use the planks correctly. 

Showing off our fine motor skills.

And finally we made it to rainy days full of puddles, splashing, and laughter. We have been lucky to be a part of this amazing class. They continue to amaze us, push us, and make us laugh everyday. Thank you for sharing your children with us. Thank you for trusting us, and being apart of this journey with us. Happy Holidays! Enjoy time with your loved ones!