What is a line?

What is a line?


A line is defined as a line of points that extends infinitely in two directions. It has one dimension, length.

What can a line do?

“It can build my fire station!’ Hienz

“A road” charli

“A straight line and another one on top of it.” Megan 

Is learning what a line is, and does the beginning of writing? Or is there a step in between? 

Do you think building is linked to learning how a line works?

“These are my castles!” “I made five of them.” Yara  

Yara as told us that she is focused on the amount, counting, and number of the blocks rather than the shape, or lay out.

While right next to her Logan and Zion have a compromise and put their blocks together to be able to form a long line.  

“No, tat block goes here so I can make it longer.”  Logan

“But I want to line them up too.” Zion

“Hey!!! We can put them together!” Logan 

They didn’t count like Yara, and they didn’t care about how many they had, only that they had enough to make it a long line. 

Kaleb is using his designs as vehicles, movement, and motion are what matter to him. 

“I am going to use this to knock down all the buildings.” 

Their maybe different stories for each work, and different focuses, they all come down to making lines. Even Yara’s, who is more interested in math, is sitting on a straight block enclosed by other to mark the boundaries for her castle. 

So why a line?


Many times repetitive circles are the first stage of pre writing. They are learning what the pencil does, how it feels, and how to hold it. 

But a line, a line is the next step in drawing, writing, shape recognition, and letters. In the classroom we have their line making on display in the art area. We have noticed the strongest area of interest being in the block area.

 It is a great way to explore how a line works with out being limited to a piece of paper. They are moving both horizontal, and vertical to see how a line can move through space.

Because they ave been working so ad on this, we are now seeing people in their drawings. They are starting to write letters, like T, and X. Also spotting them in others work. 

An up date for next week. Starting July 25th we will be having morning assembly at 8:45am. There will be a sign on the door, “Morning assembly in progress.”

If you arrive after 8:45 the door will be shut, and you will be asked to wait in the hallway till assembly is over. If you would like your child to be included in our group discussions please arrive at 8:40 so they have some welcome time. 

Thank you parents for all your help and support, I look forward to seeing everyone bright and early.