What it means to be a Root

What it means to be a Root

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From the first day of the new year we have been focused on what it means to be a Root, how we treat each other, and how to respect our environment. We have had many reflections, and even more one on one discussions about how we treat each other. This week as been a success, we are seeing the class personality, and values emerge in the room. Each friend is finding their stop, and how they fit into the class.

While we still are having some difficult drop offs, or conflicts arising between friends, you, the parents have done any amazing job supporting, and helping your child transition in to a full Root.


New friendships are making themselves known, and are blooming. Teddy and Charlie have been building worlds together everyday. The lantern has elevated their play by add a Day/ Night element to their stories.

” Ms. Kim! Night time is coming!.”

  “OH Teddy how do you know that?”

“Because I am going to turn the lantern off! and then it will be dark!”

Teddy jumps up and down with excitement of having control over the light in is area of play. 

“Yea when it gets dark in here that means its night time. Okay Teddy turn it off now before the big bad wolf comes.” Charli

At the same table two more friends join. They want to see what the materials do on the glass riser. one pf the hardest lessons to learn is personal space. Space also means different things to different people. You may heard a child yelling “space please.” This phrase is used to let the other children know “you are too close, and i might act out soon.”  These magic words ave saved us from many physical conflicts in the past. Now we are reestablishing what our new boundaries are. As shown in the picture, personal and shared space are much closer. Everyone what happy to share the area, and are now making room for each other instead of sitting still planted to their spot. 

And the real fun begins wen friends are able to sit together and share their knowledge wit each other. Cameron, and Kyle bot brought their favorite books to class on the same day. They instantly wanted to share their favorite parts. We learned about space crafts, and sharks of the deep. Respecting each other, and the environment.

As your Dots get older, and are in class together longer they form strong bonds. These are the first people outside of their family that they will trust, confide in, and build a meaningful relationship with by their choice. 

Zion, Kyle, and Hunter spent thirty minutes talking about the dinosaur eggs they placed under the pallets. They were using eat to break them open and hatch their baby dinosaur. They let each other into their world, personal space, and listened to each other. They discussed everything from what the eggs where doing at that moment, to what they oped would come out.

” Mine is jumping in the burning wood.” Zion 

“I want mine to grow bigger, and bigger.” Kyle 

 “Don’t move it is it about to open!” Hunter 

There is also a large focus on independence. We give them the tools, and opportunities to design, build, and play freely to see what they come up with. 

The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things.

Jean Piaget
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/child


Kaleb Designed a ramp for his toy car. He was fascinated by the speed, sound, and direction the bus took every time he let go.

“Look at ow fast that one went!”

“I like that sound!”

Kaleb was jumping, and running back and forth

Logan saw this and wanted to join. One of our greatest hurtles in the Roots class has been how to enter play. Logan as mastered this by using is words, and waiting. 

“Kaleb that went fast.” he held his hands together and jumped.

“Can I do it with water?” Kaleb said yes, and a friendship was born. 

Parents we are working very hard on fostering independence in our Roots. Some tings you can do to help is; 

Make sure they can open and close all of their lunch containers by themselves. 

wear clothes that are easy to pull up and down for less accidents

Encourage them to apply their own sunscreen

And let them help you put their lunch together so they know what food is in there, and have something to look forward to at lunch. This will encourage eating. Thank you parents!