What’s Cooking, Seedlings?

What’s Cooking, Seedlings?

Hello Seedling families!

This week the seedlings have continued to explore the loose parts around the room. On the loft we have seen some interest in “cooking” and “eating”. These dishes, such as “rice” or “fries” are created by compiling a variety of loose parts such as tiles, fabric, and wood together into a bowl. Off the loft the loose parts continue to be used for building. An additional interest this week is the new ballpoint pens that we have added to the classroom. They have been used to draw pictures surrounding their block structures during building and they have been used as pretend “forks” during cooking play. It is always so interesting to see the range of uses a new item has in the minds of the seedlings. In the sandbox the seedlings have been interested in baking, an interest that tends to resurface time and time again. This week they were making “chocolate and vanilla cake”, “banana cake” and “chicken”.

This week we have also seen the blanket on the loft used for cozy play. Some friends will lay under the blanket and pretend to sleep. They will close their eyes and another friend will yell “wake up time” and they will abruptly pop out of their cozy blanket. They take turns and begin the process over again. Other friends have been cozying up under the blanket together.

This week began with some focus on enclosing, similar to weeks in the past. The focus shifted from enclosing their bodies and sitting within the cozy boxes to “driving” in their cars and moving around the room while remaining enclosed.

Have a great weekend!
With love,
Ms. Madison and Ms. Lala