What’s New? Glue!

What’s New? Glue!

Hello Sprout Families!

In order for our young children to be able to independently create, we must first slowly expose them to basic concepts of art. We practiced cutting using a proper hold on the scissors. We practiced squeezing the bottles of paint onto the paint pallet and washing our brushes clean. This week we practiced using glue. We demonstrated using a small dab of glue, finding the object we wanted to glue down, pressing it into the paper, and then when we are all done, finally washing the brush. Throughout the week we practiced these skills.

Some of the things we noticed was the children were a bit confused about how to apply the glue. The common use for the brushes has been with paint, so naturally the children would dip their brush in the glue and then spread it across the paper like paint. We worked on correcting this misunderstanding and only applying a small dot to the area we want to glue. Another tricky concept we encountered was washing the brushes. The children would wash their brushes and then attempt to glue on their objects with the watered down glue.

Last week one of the arms on our doll broke off. The kids discussed taking the baby to the hospital to fix it. This week we explored gluing the arm back on. Jameson attempted to glue the arm on with the white school glue and said we “need more glue”. After adding more, we discussed as a class and decided we needed stronger glue. Some suggested super glue, others suggested hot glue.


Why is glue the common tool children turn to to fix things? Where do they gain this prior experience? From family members when a toy breaks? From teachers when something breaks at school? What other methods can we use? Tape, sewing? What connections do we make to our own bodies? When we break our arm it is the bone that is broken, however we are attempting to fix the “skin” of the doll. What other ways could we use to help the children make the connection to their own bodies?

Have a great weekend! With love,

Ms. Linda, Ms. Madison, and Ms. Lala