Cutting/Making Marks/Skill Sets

Cutting/Making Marks/Skill Sets

Dear Sprout Families,

The children were busy this week, as they continue to explore and find things that interest them. Each child travels their own journey in the Sprouts classroom, but they all find things to explore with a friend by their side. This week we will talk about some interests that have emerged.

  • Cutting
  • Mark making
  • Taking care of our brushes


We have seen many of the children showing interests in cutting. The children have been taking out the scissors and cutting many different items in the classroom. To help support this we have provided the children with a variety of materials to explore cutting in the sensory bin. Some of the items include: straws, different sized and textured paper, leather among other items. We observed and noticed that the children were drawn to cutting the straws and would look through the bin to find them. To further support this we added more straws and placed them in the bottom to see if the children would look for them again or if they would cut the other items available to them. We noticed some of the children digging in the bin to find where the straws were and began cutting them. We noticed the children were cutting the straws that were already cut in smaller pieces and would try to cut them even smaller.


Questions we are reflecting on? 

  • What materials are the children drawn to cut?
  • What do they do with the material after?
  • Where is there gaze while and after they cut? – Are they looking at where the materiel is landing? , What the cut material has transformed into?

Mark making

Mark making continues to emerge in our class.  We encourage the children to create marks throughout the classroom. There are clipboards and pencils in a variety of places in the classroom to help foster this. As the children have been showing interest, we have provided a big white sheet of paper to see what marks the children will make and see where this provocation will take the children.

Questions we are reflecting on?

  • How will the children respond to having the paper on the ground with different writing material?
  • How does the size impact the children’s interaction?
  • What writing materials will the children use?
  • How are the children interacting with the material they are interacting with?.

Skill Set: Taking care of our brushes

This week we began an important skill set of taking care of our brushes after we use them. The children also learned how to place their brushes in the container (brush side up). We are practicing cleaning the brushes with soap and water after each use.


Next week:

  • The children will continue to practice cleaning their brushes after they explore with paint.
  • We will continue this journey exploration or mark making.
  • Further explore their interest of cutting

Have a great weekend,

Love, Ms. Linda