Building and Storytelling

Building and Storytelling


Hello dear Roots families-

This week in the Roots room, we observed similar interests as to last week- building and story telling. When looking through photos, we observed that some of the Roots were not just building vertically, but they were building out horizontally as well. To support this, we provided a flat box along with loose parts in the art area to see what would happen! 

Also this week, Ms. Amy came into the classroom and provided the Roots with a project and materials which supported both interests of building and story telling. Keep an eye out in the Roots room for the evidence and ideas that the Roots came up with! 


During exploration, Aiko, Hank, Eden, Isabella, Zach, and Phoebe worked together with the magnetic tiles to create “a house” in the transformation area.


Eden, Phoebe, Aiko, and Delfina added to the flat box in the art area, using their imagination to create a variety of scenarios. Eden made “stumps in the forest,” Phoebe built a “building”, Aiko created “train”, and Delfina also built “a train.”


Phoebe’s “building.”


We celebrated Ms. Tanya’s birthday by making “cupcakes” (bananas with raspberries on top).


Madison, Sienna, Eden, and Delfina built “a house” in the transformation area. They then performed their dramatic play around the house.


Sienna helped create “a house for people” with wooden arches and recycled cardboard tubes in the block area.


Hank used the magnet tiles to build “a robot” in the block area.


Aiko built “a castle” in the block area with blocks and loose parts and then used the castle in her dramatic play during exploration.


Smiles on a rainy day! Madison offered to share her umbrella with Quinn outside so she could stay dry.


… and Sienna offered to share her umbrella with Delfina!


Isabella, Quinn, Madison, and Delfina took advantage of a cloth hanging over the railing in their dramatic play outside. The cloth was “an airplane” and the girls boarded the plane by going behind the cloth. Their travelling destination was “San Diego, America.”


During exploration, Quinn, Madison, and Eden created “a story” in the block area. In their story, they had built “a house for people” made out of magnet tiles. They also used loose parts as “food” and “sticks” in their story telling/dramatic play.


Isabella, Quinn, and Eden added to the flat box project in the art area. Isabella built “a stick house”, Quinn created “a drawbridge”, and Eden built “a train.”


Madison added to the flat box in the art area by building “a tunnel”. She also wanted to add red paint to the glue to “make it pink.”


Zachary and Phoebe created a “boat for cars and people” in the block area. The wooden figures are “people lining up to the boat.”


Isabella used a crate and loose materials in her dramatic play outside to built “a house.”


Annabel building onto the flat box in the art area by adding craft sticks.


Hank, Quinn, and Eden were engaged in drawing and story telling during exploration at the writing table. Hank described his drawing, “This is an ocean and aquarium!” Quinn stated, “I’m writing a letter to my mommy and daddy,” and Eden drew, “a rainbow.”


Zachary, Hank, Phoebe, Mateo, and Eden enjoyed watching different cars go by. Here, Zachary is showing Hank a car. Some of the cars that Zachary was identifying were “Toyota, Honda, Tesla, Acura, Lexus, Ford, Nissan.” Hank saw a car that looked familiar and stated, “that looks like my mom’s car!”


During their dramatic play in the sand area outside, Annabel, Madison, and Isabella were, “moving to another city.” “We have to move! Do you know that people need to move sometimes?” 


Ms. Amy knew that the Roots were interested in building and story telling and so she came up with a project that supported both of the interests- designing a diorama! Ms. Amy brought in cardboard boxes and loose parts and then asked the students to work together in groups of 2 or 3  to come up with an idea and then deign it. If you have not seen your child’s diorama box yet, they are in the classroom by the art area. The Roots have the opportunity to continue to build and add to their dioramas if they are interested. 


Eden described her design by stating, “This is a blue screen! I have my movie on! Turn it on Quinn!” 


Mateo building, “a tower” with the magnet tiles during exploration in the transformation area.


Phoebe and Isabella story telling and building onto the flat box project in the art area. Phoebe wanted to add blue paint to the glue so that the glue would be blue.


Delfina’s name was “Elsa Cinderella Stepsister Anna” 🙂 and the ramp was her “guitar” in her dramatic play outside.


Please note: Monday, January 21st is Martin Luther King Day and Dot to Dot will be closed to observe the holiday. Enjoy this extra day with your loved ones!

Have a safe and wonderful long weekend- Ms. Krista and Ms. Tanya