Building & Transformation/Story Telling

Building & Transformation/Story Telling


Hello dear Roots families-

We hope you had a great week as did we! This week, we observed the students engaged in a variety of interests both in the inside and outside classroom. We did, however, see two major interests this week- building and transformation/story telling.


Eden and Samanvi were “making nails” by making marks with chalk on the side of the wooden arch outside in their transformation play. 


Annabel and Madison were “building a house” outside on the wooden arch. Annabel had a wooden board she was hitting against the wood while Madison “hammered in nails” by hitting one piece of chalk against another.


Zach and Hank were “building and fixing a house and a store” on the wooden arch outside. Both of them had two pieces of chalk and were hitting one against the other, pretending to be hammering in a nail.


Samanvi, Clara (Sprouts friend), and Delfina built a mountain together in their dramatic play outside. They used small pieces of wood as characters in their story.


Annabel, Delfina, and Madison built a structure and story using loose parts in the transformation area.


Aiko was fascinated by a caterpillar she found outside. She then took care of it by putting it in soil for “it’s home.”


Eden and Sienna used loose parts to build a “nest” in the transformation area. Eden also used the loose parts to create a bird.


Hank building a tower that, “almost touched the ceiling!”


Samanvi used a chair in order to build her tower to a higher level.


Zach comparing his height to that of a tower built from blocks.


Hank and Samanvi were comparing each of their heights to the height of the tower.


Zach, Hank, and Annabel building in the art area.


During reflection, Zachary shared what he had written during exploration- “cars.”


Annabel, Delfina, Phoebe, and Madison danced in their dramatic play outside.


Zachary built, “a little house” using new magnetic tiles that were set out.


Isabella used the magnetic tiles to build a, “castle.”


Phoebe making an “animal castle”.


Eden illustrating pictures for a book she made.


On Thursday, the Roots did an exciting art project with Ms. Amy outside (visit the Dot-to-Dot Facebook page to see some wonderful photos from it!). Here, some of the Roots are looking at the masterpieces they created.


On Friday, we went on a nature walk by Dot-to-Dot. Here, Phoebe is interested in digging in dry tree needles.


On the nature walk, Zachary found, “a baby pine-cone.” He was interested in the size and the pattern on it.


While on the nature walk, Delfina and Mateo found sticks. Delfina wanted to take her stick back to the classroom and Mateo wanted to add his stick to his “stick collection” at home.


Isabella used a stick to search the ground for “big Rollie Pollies” while on our nature walk.


We are kindly asking parents to send a picture (it can be a copy) of the Roots with their family. We will use these photos for an idea we have in the classroom. Thank you! 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend- Ms. Krista and Ms. Tanya