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Rain, Rain Come and Play!

Hello! This week we will discuss: Building, Boxes, and Rain!  Building Over the past few weeks the sprouts have been expanding their building.  The structures have become more elaborate and representations of real life.  This week they have begun adding new materials to the creations.  The wooden dowels and small color blocks have been a

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Connecting & Writing

04.10.2019 Hello dear Roots family and friends! This week in the Roots room, the Dots continued to show great interest in connecting as well as writing! In the transformation area where the Dots  originally created  ‘ the zipline’, we heard the Dots use other terms in reference to their connections such as “track” , “web”

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Building, Writing, and Dramatic Play

12.14.18 Dear Roots families- Happy Friday! This week in the Roots room, the Roots have continued to show great interest in building. To support that interest this week, we provided the students with Styrofoam squares/rectangles, boxes, Styrofoam balls, toothpicks, loose parts, as well as Legos. We have also observed the students forming letters both inside and

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