Childhood outside!

Childhood outside!

Welcome back Roots families! It has been a great week that has given us a chance to explore, and embrace the outdoors.

We went on many nature walks. Nature walks give us a chance to look closely at what lives and grows in our back yard.

We then sit in a group and document what we saw and what stood out to us. This is a chance to view the world through the child’s eyes. We heard many responses that were both funny and observant.

Parker: ” This is a spider I saw in the grass.”

Sadie:”I am drawing a rainbow, rainbows live outside.” 

Painting and fine motor skills where brought into play by painting on the wall  and drawing bubbles with chalk.


Sanf ord health just posted an article explaining the benefits of child play outside. 1. Builds physically healthier children. 

2. Contributes to cognitive and social/emotional development.

Unstructured outdoor play helps kids learn to take turns, share, and develop other positive behavioral skills. They are more likely to be inventive, explore, and learn about the world around them and use their own abilities. While they are having fun inventing and playing games with siblings or friends, these interactions also help them improve communication, cooperation and organizational skills. 

3. Improves sensory skills.

4. Increases attention spans.

Children who play outdoors regularly are more curious, self-directed, and likely to stay with a task longer. We saw this clearly when climbing trees. The tree became a vehicle for their imagination to take off.

5. Happiness and better immunity.

Outdoor light stimulates the pineal gland. This part of the brain is vital to keeping our immune system strong and making us feel happier. The smiles and giggles were everywhere! They slept better and came to school ready to play.

For the full article I have posted the link above. We noticed a big difference in our Roots. They were calmer,  focused on directed activities, and more willing to try new things. Next week we will be in our classroom, spend time reflecting on what we learned, and how we felt being outdoors.

Have a great weekend, 

Ms. Kim and Ms. Amy