Welcome back Roots families! We had a long weekend, and some of our friends had a hard time adjusting. I wanted to talk about separation anxiety. 

Separation anxiety is when your dot has a hard time saying good bye to you in the morning. You may see tears, screaming, or yelling “I don’t want to go!” This makes the morning hard on you the parent, the dots fully recover in five minutes. 

A big part of this is to let your teacher know when any parent is going to be away. It could be a long trip, or just one night. Children will feel it and let us know by showing us different behaviors. Having a daily routine and good bye ritual will help make the morning goodbyes better for both parties. 


I have talked about containment for a while now, but it’s a big deal! The Roots are in the process of learning language, speech, sounds, and vibrations. It is also an image schema. The brain is recognizing patterns, colors, and exploring how these relate. 

We thought this would be the best time in their brain development to explore self portraits.

We had many interesting stories and ideas come forth. 

Sadie: “This is water that goes all around! And this is the center of the rainbow.” 

Ms. Amy is a magician when it comes to creating fun, exciting, exploration of color, and sound. She has posted many wonderful pictures on Facebook of our adventures. I like to look at how these explorations effect the kids and what happens immediately after.

Some friends need to dance after feeling paint vibrate on the speaker. Heavy base music was playing, but Madelyn made her own dance by moving slowly and controlled. 

Others moved on to “writing with out tears”. What we noticed first was they used them to cover important items to them.

This led to us being able to explore our letters in an active learning environment. 

Rainne : “My name starts with a R, can you help me make an R with these?”

Logan: ” I can make an L! I want to make more!” 

This coming week we will be rotating between the digital landscape and the jumping paint. Through these explorations, the dots have made it clear they want to write , and draw. 



Have a great weekend


Love, your Roots educators