Continuation of paint exploration and animals

Continuation of paint exploration and animals

September 12, 2019

Hello Sprouts Families,

We want to welcome a new friend to our classroom. Celeste has come to join us in the Sprouts Room.

This week we continue to explore using paint, but with different materials. Last week that the children enjoyed squeezing the paint out of the bottles. The squeezing of the bottles seemed to be even more fun than painting.  The children were not only painting on paper but different objects. We noticed the children were grabbing different textured objects.

Reflection question:

We wondered what made them want to do this?

This week we brought out paint, placed paint brushes out in different sizes on the table, and different materials with different textures and shapes. It was an invitation to play and an open activity with exploration and creativity. We observed while the children started to explore with the paint.


It was interesting to watch each child as they chose their material to interact with. Araz took a big thick paint brush and explored painting on many different objects. He even asked if he could paint on Ms. Linda. Sophia and Celeste took a small thin paint brush and started to paint carefully first on paper but then moved on to the different objects on the table. Celeste painted on a large shell and named it Ruby. Earen chose a small sponge and was dabbing it in the paint then stamping it on the paper on the table, from there he continued to paint his hands.

Each child was exploring and using the material as they wanted to. We noticed baby animals were still brought out to be placed in the paint. We will continue to observe and see where this exploration takes us.

The children explored our new sensory bin this week.  Small rocks, jewels and sponges were placed inside. One of the children had asked to pour in paint and (blue). The children put blue paint in the water and started to bring other objects into the water bin.

The children gathered animals, cups, and blue scoopers from our classroom and Kiki took the sponge and started to wipe the animals with the sponge. Another child took the sponge out of the bin and was using it on other objects. Paul found a hole puncher and was trying to use it on a plastic cup that was in the bin.


Have a great week end and look forward to new week of working with your children!



Love Ms Linda and Ms Lala