Hello Roots families! It’s a new week, with amazing things happening in our classroom. I realized that last week I was so excited to tell you about our containment schema, that I forgot to start at the beginning. This blog we will go back to where it all began. 


The definition of enclosure is: A child will enclose themselves with walls such as a building, a fence, or boundary around their play area. Or they may enclose items in boxes or other containers. Through this schema children are showing their interest in order,  organizing things, and space. 

We have seen our Dots enclose everything they can get their hands on sense they were seedlings. They love to fill, dump, transport, and carry all their treasures with them.

They are enclosing themselves,  which is a state of enveloping. We will talk about this next week. Currently just pay attention to their need to be completely covered.

They are organizing their space, playing and toying with volume, and density.  They are working hard to understand how much of a material can fit in a container.

Even a game of hide and seek becomes a brain exercise. It provides comfort to one friend. Personal space to the other. 

Enclosure is the first major schema we experience in our childhood. It is the first science experiment we do naturally to start  processing our world. 

Next week we will discuss envelope schema. This is a popular exploration in the classroom, and has led us on great adventure 


Have a great weekend, Roots educators!