“I want it to bounce so high it breaks the sky!”

“I want it to bounce so high it breaks the sky!”

Welcome back Roots families to another exciting week in the Roots class!

We have been working hard and learning many new things, so it is hard to pinpoint just a few to talk about. 

In this weeks blog we will be discussing:

  •  How we are changing the layout of the classroom and why
  •  What I learned about stamps from your Dots
  •  What has been happening with the wood planks outside and how we support it inside as well

We have noticed and talked about trajectory in the Roots classroom for quite a while. They are seeking opportunities to experiment and play with the idea of how objects move in space. We had a large area of the classroom set up for this, but we quickly realized they needed a longer space. Our observations and collaborations between Ms. Inga and myself led us to making a wide, and long space a priority in the class. After watching and listening for longer we saw that the connection and trajectory was not the only thing happening in this space. Transformation (pretend play) is a large piece of their play. We saw this need and responded by moving the light table area and creating a larger transformation area. The dramatic play and story telling have taken off!

The new layout is working really well and we are currently seeing a much kinder and vocal class, that is sharing ideas and experiences through play. 

Stamps were donated to the Roots class. I have never been a fan of stamps until the Roots class showed me what they were learning from them.  Hienz showed me that fine motor grip is important in getting a good stamp on paper. While Zion named off all the letters, and numbers. Charlotte searched out the C for Charlotte. Each child that visited brought a new light to the many possibilities a simple stamp could deliver. They are careful, and respectful with them. I have noticed the Roots taking turns, and less arguments happening over the stamps. My thoughts are that there are enough for everyone, making it a fun shared activiy.  The stamps are now available in our art area at all times.

The Roots have continued to use the wooden planks in new and interesting ways on the playground this week. Many of the Roots continue to use the planks for balancing, setting up a ramp and then experimenting with how slowly or quickly they can go up and down the ramp in the process they discovered that they can move the planks up and down, sometimes by walking or jumping on it or by standing on one end to lift the other end into the air.  

Inside last week the large drum came back into the classroom for exploration and many of the Roots experimented with placing loose parts on the drum and watching how they bounced and fell off the drum. Watching them return to this activity helped us realize that their curiosity about vibrations was connecting with their current exploration of how things move through space.  So this week we brought the drums back for small group and repeated the activity, but taking time to pause, think and talk about what was happening.  We wondered together: what happens to the drum when we hit it? what makes the loose parts move when we drum? do they all move in the same way?

Going along with the idea to explore bouncing, we were lucky that Logan brought in two balloons. What came of it was amazing and showed a great advancement in everyones development, making the team the Roots class has built so much stronger. Next week I will be talking about it more.

  What to look for next week

  • Bouncing continued. A deeper understanding of what happened to the balloon
  • Planks exploration 
  • Transformation area! What and how your Dot is playing pretend at school.