Let’s make a plan for Dot to Dot

Let’s make a plan for Dot to Dot


Dear Stems family and friends-

Hello and welcome to another week of adventures in the Stems room!

In this week’s blog, we will cover the following-

  • Plan Drawing + Building + Drawing Plans

  • Plank Exploration
  • Color Exploration

  • Tinkering


Plan Drawing + Building + Drawing Plans

This week, we continued building from the plans with our small groups. The Glubby Clubbies built theirs inside, whereas the Unicorn Eyeballs went outside. It was interesting to compare their ideas from different environments and how they differed with the use of materials. 

On Thursday, the ‘Unicorn Eyeballs’ and ‘Glubby Clubbies’ split their groups into pairs or groups of 3 and worked on building a plan collaboratively. It gave us a good idea of how the Stem’s were using the plans or if the plans inspired them to create something completely different.

Alongside observing the dots in their building, we’ve also been noticing that they have been using the materials in the building area in their creative thinking and imaginative play. In the block area, blueprints were introduced in support of the Stem’s interest in making plans.

Last week while building, a couple of the Stems stated that they needed longer blocks for their structures. Per their requests, more long blocks were added to the block area!

Once again, we are seeing this change in plans and we wonder, “How do children determine changes in their plans?”

Plank Exploration

Last week, some new materials were set up in the outdoor area for the dots to utilize in their play. We’ve been observing them use the planks in various ways. Some have been using critical thinking to set up their planks, and others have just been exploring while enjoying their friend’s creations.

Color Exploration

Sometimes you need to observe technique and detail rather than the overall product. We’ve been noticing with their painting the dots more focused on how the paintbrushes affect their creations. Whether it is the size of the brushes or how the hairs on the brush create different shapes/strokes. The dots have also been layering color in their overall creations.

We often see one aspect of exploration make it into another area of exploration in the classroom.


In continuation from last week,  we are continuing to see the dots use string and cut rubber bands in ways of connecting and keeping things together. With a great interest in letters and literacy amongst some of the Stems, we added letters to the tinker structure to see how they would incorporate them into their designs. 

We have had such an adventurous week filled with transformation, critical thinking, imaginative play, and attention to detail. We look forward to seeing what ideas will evolve next week and how our observations of interests emerge.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Hugs- The Stems Educators