Mixing It Up

Mixing It Up


This week we will coverĀ 

Mixing and transferring, and Tools vs. Toys

This week we continued the exploration of mixing. Last week when making play dough we found that the sprouts were very interested in mixing materials together. This week in order to continue this exploration we set up a variety of spices (clove, cinnamon, parsley, and oregano), flour, and uncooked noodles. The friends used small spoons in order to scoop small amounts into the surrounding containers. However, this is where things got interesting. Incorporating the schema of transferring the friends would fill their small containers with their mixture, stir it, and then dump it into another container. They did this process repeatedly, transferring their contents from one container to another, adding, mixing, and dumping back out again. And through this exploration we happened upon another interesting thought. Not only did the friends enjoy the mixing, and pouring, but they actually really enjoyed cleaning it all up too (some more than others). In our classroom we have a small handheld sweeper and dustpan. During our mixing mayhem we ended up with most of our ingredients on the floor rather than in our containers. When the friends realized this they got the sweeper and began dragging the materials across the floor. They filled the dustpan with the swept up ingredients and then dumped it out once again to continue exploring. yet another way to transfer materials. If only that excitement of transferring and cleaning up stayed with us as we grew older.


Tools Vs. Toys
This week we also introduced some new tools into our peace corner. We have been practicing taking our big balloon breaths, and being mindful. In order to support this we have added some tools that are actually for acupressure. Two of the tools are bumpy mats that when stepped on apply pressure in different areas of the foot or hand. The third tool is a bumpy roller. We practiced standing on these tools and closing our eyes. We discussed what it felt like and where on our bodies we felt it. We also discussed how these are tools to help our bodies to focus, and relax. They are not toys. We have to respect our tools and use them carefully. This helps to set the stage for introducing other equipment. Not everything is just for throwing or drawing on, for painting and cutting, or building. Some things have a very important purpose to help us be our best and most successful. While we are not limiting these tools to only one purpose, we are making sure we set a foundation of respect and care when using these tools and all tools.























Have a great weekend!
Love, Ms. Madison and Ms. Lala