New perspectives

New perspectives

Welcome back Roots families! Your Dots have been working hard discovering transformation. They saw the light table in a new way, and in a new position. 

In the beginning of the year we thought the light table needed to be in a dark corner, but after months of it sitting in the corner, not being used we moved it to the center on the room. 

This brought out a whole new side to what the possibilities of the light table could be!

Sometimes the light table becomes two friends examining how the glass beads change colors in the light. 

Or maybe it is having a phone call around a table sharing conversations and laughter. 

The light has lead to balancing different heights, weights, and size. It gives materials in our class a different look and feel. Bringing out a new life.

This has been very helpful in our journey of discovering containment. The second part of containment is an image schema. Watching things change in front of your eyes. The light table is the beginning process of this journey. 

With Ms. Amy’s help we were able to build on the visual transformations they have been seeking out. 

It started with them crushing chalk outside. Creating a fine powder. Ms. Amy noticed right away how she could support this in a more product way. 

You may have heard at home “we made hot milk today!”   Or “There was smoke! we made smoke!” 

These were the reactions to mixing our own plaster. They measured out the powder, added water, and mixed it with their hands. 

The plaster gave a great sensory experience for them. 

“It feels cool!” Logan 

“I like to squeeze it in my fingers.” Hienz

“I see bubbles! It is hot!” Sadie

Next week we will be able to use tools to smash, crush, and mix the pieces of plaster. They are very excited to be using grown up tools. This will help build confidence in our Roots and deepen a level of trust that we have been building this year. 

Thank you for all your support! – Roots Educators