Paint, Shaving cream, and Birthday celebration

Paint, Shaving cream, and Birthday celebration

September 4, 2019

Welcome Sprouts Families,

This was a short week, but a lot was still going on in our classroom. The children continued to explore using paint.

This weeks observations

I noticed that squeezing out the paint was something that the children
enjoyed doing. What makes squeezing out the paint so enjoyable?

Then I noticed that some of the children started painting not only on paper, but on different
objects. What was next?

Where do we take our reflections? 

They spent exploration time painting on the dinosaurs, pencil containers and themselves.
So, the next day  dinosaurs were placed in the sensory bin as well as shaving cream. Each child got a handful of cream, moving the shaving cream between their hands and fingers.
The children wanted to squeeze out the shaving cream themselves. Each took a turn trying to get the shaving
cream out of the can. Holding the can and trying to press the small white button.

Sophia started to rub the cream all over their body, while Araz decided to spray the shaving cream on our mirror. He then decided to stand on the mirror and had a whole different experience. Slipping and sliding.  Paul then took the colored jewels and poured them in the bin with the dinosaurs. Kiki took her turn to explore and touch the dinosaurs with the shaving cream on them.

Continuation of this weeks explorations 

Cups, sponges, colored glitter and a small bin of water were also a part of their exploration.
The children talk about using the glitter and what color they would like. Sophia starts to build a castle out of the magnetic tiles, but shaving cream ended up on top of it with pink and purple glitter. It was an amazing day with so much conversation and creative imaginations from all the children.

We celebrated Paul’s birthday this Wednesday. Paul’s mom brought in all the ingredients to make banana bread. Every child got to peel a banana, and then help mash it. We measured and mixed all the ingredients into the bowl. Everyone
was so excited to help that an extra egg was cracked into the bowl. No problem, we just kept mixing, and then scooped them into the muffin pan and waited for them to cook. It was a day to celebrate! Happy Birthday Paul.


How can you help us?

We are continuing to work on cleaning up daily as a skill set for the children. Have your child help you at home to put away their dishes, throw something away etc.





It was a great week of exploration in the Sprouts classroom.


Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

Love, Ms. Linda and Ms. Lala