Planks and Pulleys are ~grate~

Planks and Pulleys are ~grate~

Hello all!!!
We could not be more excited to welcome back Ms. Shawna! We know it must be so hard to leave baby Leighton, but we are so excited to have you back!

This week we will discuss the plank exploration, pulley, and the grates.

Plank Exploration
The Sprouts were very interested to find the planks and crates set up as a “bridge” on the playground Tuesday morning.  As the first friend began to climb up and explore, he was very cautious and took his time crossing.  However, the more the Sprouts walked the structure, the more confidence they gained and the faster they would move.  This new structure tested the Sprouts waiting and sharing skills, as they had to take turns.


In the old seedling’s classroom we had installed a pulley because we found that many of the friends constantly wanted to bring things up and down the loft. However, due to safety concerns we do not allow them to climb with things in their hand. In order to support this exploration and transportation, we had installed a pulley. It wasn’t until recently that we noticed the friends constantly following the transporting trend. We found ourselves constantly reminding friends to put down their toys because climbing with things in their hands is unsafe. So we decided to yet again try the pulley. The friends explored putting blocks and animals into the pulley. They explored pulling things up onto the loft as well as dropping them down to the ground. During our exploration the rope untied and we had to take down the pulley. We are interested to see next week how we can improve the pulley design to help support the interest in transporting more safely and successfully.



Last week in preparation for our training with the Reggio Roundtable, Ms. Kim had made some space in her classroom and decided to take the drying rack out to the playground. On Monday when the friends noticed this new edition some interesting creations arose. On Monday, Paiti joined us and began building a cozy station for the friends to play. Needing a cover for their area, Paiti asked if she could use one of the grates and the friends took it from there. They began using the grates to “trap” their friends. Others used them to build a “ladder” or “bridge” to climb down from the raised stage. Other friends explored painting in the individual squares the grate created. Some friends pressed the grate into the sand and explored the grid the grate imprinted into the sand.


Have a great weekend!
Love always,
Ms. Shawna, Ms. Linda, Ms. Madison and Ms. Lala