Think Out Of The Toy Box.

Cultivating Imagination & Awareness Kids Will Use In The Real World.

At Dot to Dot we embrace on the natural connection for learning. Our dots grow through confidence building and individual successes. This is why our programs are organized by learning capacity not age.

We begin by evaluating every Dot through an informal and formal assessment in order to determine the most appropriate classroom to start their journey. All our teachers follow an emergent curriculum based off of Reggio Emilo, allowing the teachers to create lesson plans based on the interests and individual needs of our dots. Following this type of curriculum unlocks the natural learning potential we believe every Dot possesses. Our program actively involves Dots using physical activity, creativity, music and real world experiences. In each classroom our main focus is on maintaining a positive learning environment, collaboration among Dots, and contextual learning based on California's Common Core Standards. In addition, Public Speaking, Music Together, and Spanish are incorporated into each class's curriculum.

Welcome to the world of boundless possibilities, a place where we:
  • Understand and respect children’s intelligence
  • Inspire them to think creatively and connect the dots
  • Teach them as well as learn from them
  • Inspire then to become future leaders at the forefront
  • Evoke the children’s curiosity and imagination
  • Instill self awareness, self esteem and confidence
  • Empathise with them and understand their emetions
  • Ignite their passion
  • Help them find their voices
  • Model responsibility for themselves and the bigger world around them
  • Preschool

    Our preschool programs are designed for Dots age’s two to five and off a variety of enrichment programs.

  • After School

    The After-School program is for Dots attending public or private school from Kindergarten to 6th Grade.

  • Kindergarten

    Buds in our Kindergarten program will be able to go above and beyond the academics of a public school Kindergarten classroom.

  • Summer Camp

    Is for any dot already enrolled in our After-School program or entering First through Sixth Grade in the upcoming school year.

PreschoolKindergartenAfter SchoolSummer Camp


Our preschool programs are designed for Dots age’s two to five. A unique trait about all our preschool programs is the opportunity to participate in a variety of enrichment programs included into their weekly schedule. Each Dot will be a part of Public Speaking, Music Together, and Spanish.



We understand having your Dot enrolled at school for the first time can be an adjustment for you and your Dot. Here at Dot to Dot your Seedlings teacher will be your Dot’s lap to sit on, arms to a comforting embrace, and potty training connoisseur. In the Seedlings classroom, your Dot will be introduced to their first friends, the concept of sharing, and early life skills. Not to mention, your dot will be able to identify basic shapes, colors, counting, and letter recognition.



Once the basic concepts of following two step directions and simple understanding of social skills are mastered your dot will sprout into their new classroom. Here in the Sprouts class your Dot will participate in circle time, start to learn phonics, achieve counting from one to thirty, begin the introduction to bigger concepts, and will be able to complete hands on activities are just some of the many achievements in the Sprouts classroom.



The Roots classroom is mid-way through the preschool journey, like the roots of a plant spreading out to grasp more knowledge. The Roots will focus on more advanced social skills, including teamwork, leadership, and being able to meet their individual needs. Academics in the Roots will include, but not limited to characteristics of shapes, colors, introduction to writing skills, simple math, and beginning reading skills.



The Stems classroom is the last stop on our preschool journey, like a stem popping out of the dirt and feeling the sunshine before Kindergarten. The Stems are encouraged to be vocal in expressing their needs and independent enough to help themselves with developmentally age-appropriate tasks. The dots in the Stems classroom will be able to accomplish academic skills, but not limited to Kindergarten math, writing, problem solving, and beginning reading skills.

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Buds in our Kindergarten program will be able to go above and beyond the academics of a public school Kindergarten classroom due to our small class ratio, individualized academic focus, and enrichment opportunities. The Buds will focus on the Common Core Concepts taught in the Poway Unified School District. Dots in the Buds classroom will be working on First Grade math, writing, problem solving, reading skills, history, and science. In our Buds classroom your dot will begin to bloom onto the path of bigger things.

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The Dot to Dot After-School program are for Dots attending public of private school from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. After-School Dots are transported to Dot to Dot, provided with homework help and completion, supplemental academic work, snack time (provided by parent), and have the opportunity to participate in our Public Speaking, Spanish, and Creative Arts enrichment programs.

In addition, your Dot will receive the opportunity to participate in our Public Speaking, Spanish, and Creative Arts enrichment programs.

Providing Transportation From The Following Schools In Our Area:

  • Highland Ranch
  • Shoal Creek
  • Monterey Ridge
  • Design 39
  • Creekside
  • Turtle Back
  • Stone Ranch
  • Westwood

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Summer Camp

At Dot To Dot we are inspired to mold tomorrow’s leaders, by instilling a whole body, whole mind; mindset. Key words to describe their experience this summer at Dot To Dot will be initiative, confidence, collaboration, community, challenge, service and commitment. Each week is designed to instill a concept of true leadership in the children. Each day within the week is designed to foster, intellect, curiosity and creative thinking. Field trips are done twice a week, to reinforce a concept they have been exploring and open their minds to the world of boundless possibilities. Below is the sneak peak of summer program. Call us to find out about some amazing field trips we are putting together this summer!

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