Roots: Planks on the playground

Roots: Planks on the playground

Hello Roots Families,

So many things are happening in the classroom this week!  Here are a few things we will cover in this week’s blog:

  1. Planks on the playground
  2.  Sound, and Vibrations 
  3. Exploring different ways to reflect together

As we discussed last week we have noticed many of the Roots are experimenting with trajectory.  Outside much of that play focused on using the slide.  To understand this play better, we observed and documented how they were using the slide over two weeks and put them together with quotes and observations from the Roots.  Then we have been taking this board outside to see how they connect their new experiences with previous ones.  The photos have generated a lot of discussion.  

Working with sound and Vibrations we  noticed the class using materials to talk through, look through, and pouring a bunch of small item down the tubes. 

We observed them listening closely, and laughing loudly  when they discovered a new reaction. 


With all these new discoveries we are finding new ways to reflect on what we have learned, and how can we help make the children’s voices heard more. 

Next week we will be focusing on building our reflections in morning to be able to continue to build on their play. We would like to ask all parents to keep an eye out for fun long tube shaped items that we could add to our exploration in trajectory. Ms. Amy would love to explore clay with the class. Ms Inga, and Ms. Kim jumped at the chance. This will be a great way to work on fine motor skills with the Dots. Ways to support their fine motor growth at home is to Have them dress themselves, open and close they own snacks, zip lock bags are hard, but if you want to dive in, the pinching motion is great! We will see everyone at the pumpkin patch! 


Have a great weekend! 

Roots educators!