Welcome Seedlings Family.

We continued exploring our interest of drawing this week by setting up inviting drawing activities. We added new markers to the classroom and arranged the crayons and colored pencils in a more accessible way for the seedlings. During our assembly time this week we discussed how to properly care for the drawing materials. The seedlings also practiced labeling each material by name and color. The seedlings then practiced taking the caps on and off of the markers and even replacing the material containers back on the shelf. By teaching the seedlings to care for and respect their materials, it helps them to more independently access materials and work on their own.

This week we explored some new things inside of our sensory bin. We noticed an increased interest in water play outside so we decided to add some ice cubes into our water bin to explore an additional sensation. The ice cubes had small toys frozen into them and so the seedlings explored different ways to retrieve the items from the ice. Another activity we tried this week was using our spray bottles in the sensory bin. We had gotten the bottles initially to help with the cleaning of the classroom, but we noticed that every child’s favorite job seemed to be the spraying of the tables. However, we realized that operating the spray bottles was a skill that many needed additional practice with. So we brought them to the sensory bin with the ice. The seedlings really enjoyed spraying the water at the ice cubes. However, the seedlings were struggling aiming their bottles so we added paint to the bottles to help them see where they were spraying them.  The seedlings really enjoyed spraying the paint all over the paper creating big bursts of color and which eventually gathered into droplets and dripped down the paper.


Also, Ms. Amy  installed the seedlings pulley system for the loft this week. During art on Tuesday the seedlings began to explore the new tool. Many times the seedlings want to take toys up or down from the loft. However, due to safety concerns we ask that they have their hands free to hold on to the ladder while climbing up and down. Due to this request, they never get to move items freely up or down the loft.  Now that we have our new pulley system, they will be able to transport the materials up or down as they please.


Lastly, as the seedlings continue to explore their creative minds and voices, we will be posting their stories around the class.  Lately there has been a lot of storytelling combined with their building.  Here are few of the stories we have heard this week.  Please take a look around the classroom as we have more fun stories posted on the shelves!




Ms. Shawna & Ms. Madison