Seedlings Seeing in Color

Seedlings Seeing in Color

Hello Seedling families!

After last week’s interest in rainbows, we decided to further explore what about rainbows were so fascinating to the seedlings. We have found that often times the seedlings will describe colorful objects as rainbows. For example when arranging the multicolor cups at the light table, one child claimed to have made a rainbow. However, there were only four colors, nor did the arrangement resemble the curved arch of a rainbow. In addition, another child when playing with the multicolored playdough labeled it as a rainbow. Once again only containing few colors and no other obvious similarities to a rainbow. While the seedlings were describing things and labeling them rainbows, we found that actually they were just interested in exploring colors: mixing colors, arranging colors, and working with multicolor media. In order to encourage this we provided many opportunities for color exploration. We introduced some additional transparent colored items to the light table to explore how these colors change when the objects are combined or arranged on the table. We made several batches of playdough in varying colors in order to explore what happened when they were mixed. The seedlings discovered that when they combined all the colors they ended up with a grayish brown clump of dough.

There has also been some exploration of color filters.  The seedlings have been using the transparent colored materials to look through.  This gives them an added color filter on their environment.  It is also fun for them to see the world in different color than they would usually see.

During these color investigations, the seedlings were able to make connections with their environment.  For example, when making our second batch of colored playdough we used Kooi aid packets and the seedlings used their sense of smell to associate the color with real life objects.  Their connections with rainbows is another example of their cognitive pathways working to represent color.

Have a good long weekend! Enjoy your extra time with your little ones!
Love, Mrs. Shawna and Ms. Madison