Seedlings: What is a rainbow?

Seedlings: What is a rainbow?

Hello Seedlings families.  This week we moved the building area to a larger space in the classroom.  This has allowed the seedlings more surface to construct their buildings.  There has been stacking blocks into tall towers, as well as building out and around the given space.  The seedling have also been working together with their structures, rather than building alone.  This represents their growth in cooperative play.


As the seedlings continue to explore the new light table,  we have noticed a large interest in exploring colors.  While using the light table the children choose to sort the colored objects by color or arrange them into a rainbow. In order to explore the seedlings’ interest we showed various pictures of rainbows and talked about what they are, what colors they see, where they see rainbows and where they come from and so on.


Mixing things is always something that we observe the seedlings interested in so we incorporated many opportunities for them to mix colors. We explored mixing watercolors and combining them with school glue and wood glue. We also mixed paint with shaving cream and investigated mixing the colors together as well as painting with this new texture.



We are excited to continue this investigation of colors, light and rainbows next week.  This weekend mentions there may be some rain in the forecast.  If that happens, keep an eye out for those rainbows with your seedlings!


Xoxo – Ms. Shawna and Ms. Madison